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Welcome to PNINS for 2019


What's happening at PNINS


ICAS - 2019 

We have received information regarding the 2019 International Competition & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) for Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Mathematics.

Student involvement is voluntary and not a school requirement.  Every year a large number of our students do choose to sit these tests.  Involvement in sitting an EAA(Educational Assessment Australia) test provides an opportunity for our students to sit an external test with a format that is very similar to the format of entry tests used by several of the High Schools in our region.  Involvement also allows our students to challenge themselves in specific learning areas and, to gain a measure of their achievement levels against other New Zealand students. Entering these tests can, for many Year 7 and 8 students, be perceived as taking quite a risk – it may well be the first time they take on such a challenge in an academic area.  We encourage them to take up this academic challenge.

This year the assessment period and format for these assessments has changed. ALL tests are now online and are spread over three weeks in September. Unfortunately dates are non negotiable, and there are clashes with Kahukura and Arataki team camps and NZAIMS.

Each student who participates will receive a certificate and a detailed results letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for students from New Zealand who sit the test.  

Those students from our school who achieve High Distinction and Distinction  are acknowledged and congratulated in front of their peers at assemblies and in our school newsletter.

Competition dates and costs are as follows:

  • Science $16.00 - Wednesday, 4 September, Thursday 5 September, Friday 6 September (Kahukura on camp)

  • Spelling $16.00 - Wednesday 11 September, Thursday 12 September, Friday 13 September (Arataki on camp, NZ AIMS Games)

  • Writing $16.00 - Monday 9 September, Tuesday 10 September, Wednesday 11 September(Arataki on camp, NZ AIMS Games)

  • English $16.00 - Monday 16 September, Tuesday 17 September, Wednesday 18 September

  • Mathematics $16.00 - Wednesday 18 September, Thursday 19 September, Friday 20 September

The day in bold type will be our preferred supervised test day at PNINS. Students absent will have a chance the following day if necessary.

The closing date for entries of Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School students is:

Friday 9 August (Term 3 week 3). This is to allow administration time for ordering and payment of entries.

If you wish to enter your child in any of these competitions, please complete the online form and follow the instructions to make payment.

Alternatively you can also pay via online banking to PNINS, BNZ - 02-0630-0029588-00 or at the school office.

Thank you

Maryanne Kensington

Assistant Principal



For the past 15 years PNINS has taking a team of students to the NZ AIMS Games. Last year we had a very successful year and brought home 20 medals.
The games are held in Tauranga over a week from 8th to 14th of September. PNINS will be looking at taking 40 students to the games this year.
Students are selected from past sporting results and trials are overseen by the Sports Coordinator.
The sports that we take are determined by the current students and their sporting results/ability
Once the team is selected those students take part in the PNINS AIMS programme which teaches students to apply the 5 Keys in a sporting environment alongside a strength and conditioning training programme. 


 PNINS AIMS Team 2019


Table Tennis
Angus Bilsland
Fraser James
Mike Sung

Jason Gui
Nabeel Imtiyaz

Ripper Rugby
Kahurangi Skudder
Hannah Cadzow
Jada Ropitini
Tayma Jahnke
Jashya Lyttle
Kaitlyn Mcintosh
Cooper Furnell
Luke Atienza
Jamie Viljoen
Dreshaun Cook-Nelio
Dylan Kenny
Hunter Kennedy

Rebecca Golding

Charlotte Copeman
Bella Treadwell
Kayla Adams
Charlotte Wilson
Max Hodgson
William Roberts
Caleb Sanko
Floyd Smith
Rome Kearney
Zak Lee

Alex Willis
Eden Motley
Ian Tsui
Nicole Piek
Ethan Limmer

Multi Sport
Thomas McInnes
Harrison Craw
Hayley Cornwall
Lucy McLean
Jacob Lean


Cross Country
Hayley Cornwall
Lucy McLean
Jacob Lean
Charlie Hook
Cillian Carroll
Blair Verry
Hannah Cadzow
Brianna Gorrie
Zak Lee
Kayla Adams
Cooper Furnell

Mountain Biking
Thomas McInnes
Harrison Craw
Hayley Cornwall
Lucy McLean
Jacob Lean

Mary-Poppins (1).png

‘Disney’s Mary Poppins Junior’ 2019

In November 2019 Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School will be the first school in New Zealand to stage the junior version of this show. We will also be the only school to stage ‘Disney’s Mary Poppins Junior’ for a number of years as the rights to both the junior show and the larger show have now been withdrawn indefinitely due to a professional production once gain being mounted in Australia.

As a lot of you will be aware PNINS has developed a name over the last ten years for staging quite remarkable productions and ‘Disney’s Mary Poppins Junior’ is the perfect show with which to continue this tradition.

Tickets will become available to watch in late Term 3.


Mary Poppins Jnr Cast 2019


Kade Kareko - Michael Banks
Ash Clough - Admiral Boom (and backstage)
Kate Coutts - Winifred Banks
Cate Redshaw - Bird Woman
Elisa Wiltshire - Mrs Brill
Jake Maskill - Bert
Josh Harrison - George Banks
Madeleine James - Mary Poppins
Kyla Forsyth - Jane Banks
Leo Mwape - Robertson Ay
Lucy-Boo Pearn - Mrs Corry
Isabella Fenn - Ensemble + Katie Nana
Max Hodgson - Ensemble + Park Keeper + Chairman of the Bank
Ben Shirley - Ensemble + Neleus
Ngataria Pomana - Ensemble + Miss Lark
Junhee Cho - Ensemble + Von Hussler
Eilidh Mackay - Ensemble + Miss Andrew
Jesse Franks - Ensemble + Policeman + Northbrook

Ensemble / Chorus

Alana Holroyd
Amelia Simpson
Ruby Hansen-Thomas
Johanna Johnson
Alma Andersson
Cillian CarrollIvy Yang
Holly Mason
Charlie Turner
Ying Ying Yong
Ruby Mainwaring
Tui Joseph
Nicola Sutherland-Smith
Hannah Grayson
Franchesca Gordon
Abby-Rose Bailey
Caleb Lynch
Brooke FieldCharlie Hook



Artemis Kavianpour
Sylvia Woodcock
Jennifer Guo
Patricia Cucu
Logan Roberts
Isabella Louise
GrundelImagin Sands-waghorn
Briar Anderson
Halle Williamson
Kate Giles
Zoe Rook
Else Pauwels
Charlotte Dunn-Hall
Eden Craine
Hannah Hoffman
Emily Cliff
Amrita Kavian - Pour
Esther Steer
Sailor Prenter
Viana Garnevska

Saem Millward
Vina Cho
Jessica Steffert
Ame Velich
Emelia Little
Jenny Qian
Olivia Royds
Gracie Eames
Georgia McNeill
Kristina Forsyth
Summer Sheridan
Elsie Battley
Fletcher Hoskins
Mata Ikani
Victoria BrownJarreau Mohi-Henare
Aminata Mimbi
Rose TanKarla McNabb
Riley Murphy
Max Cole
Olivia Kingston

Nieve Haydock
Elspeth Dunlop
Reinhelda Gowthaman
Grace Donald
Tia Humphrey
Hayley Cornwall
Cici Sun
Summer Lovegrove
Libby Stevens
Bethany Sellwood
Mia Abernethy
Georgia Taylor-Yeates
Genevieve Bendall
Angela FangIsabel Edsall
Zeeko Barzak
George Chen
Emma Somerville
Jade Bull
Thea Towers


The Five Keys


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