2018 AIMS Games Team


Congratulations to the following students that have been selected to represent PNINS at the 2018 AIMS Games held in Tauranga from 9-14 September 2018. 

Hayley Cornwall - Cross Country

Bruce Izumi - Cross Country

Cooper Furnell - Cross Country

Brianna Gorrie - Cross Country

Johnny Rouxel - Cross Country

Charlie Hook - Cross Country

Josh Smit - Cross Country and Hockey

Amber Trow - Cross Country, MultiSport and Hockey

Lucy McLean - Cross Country, MultiSport and Hockey

Kylah Gunn - Cross Country and MultiSport

Max O'Connor - Cross Country and MultiSport

Zak lee - Cross Country and MultiSport

Jessie Coxon - MultiSport

Thomas McInnes - MultiSport

Lara Carson - MultiSport

Joshua Mulcahy - MultiSport

Hunter Easton - MultiSport

Hazel Gregg - Rock Climbing

Joseph Nicol - Gymnastics 

Jason Gui - Badminton

Finis Zhang - Badminton

Joonoh Rhee - Badminton

Andy Lin - Badminton

Ethan Forman - Water Polo

Jacob Booth - Water Polo

Hamish Edmunds - Water Polo

Danielle Storrier - Water Polo

Quinlan Huff - Water Polo

Carter Rhodes-Robinson - Hockey

Thomas van Rysewyk - Hockey

Jayden Coyle - Hockey

Caleb Sanko - Hockey

Aleisha Cheetham - Hockey

Lara Smith - Hockey

Thomas Duncan - Hockey

Cole Phillips - Swimming and Water Polo

Alex Odom - Swimming and Water Polo

Ella Greaves - Swimming and Water Polo

Abby Thompson - Swimming and Water Polo

Alex Willis - Swimming and Water Polo

Eden Motley - Swimming

Tom Brown - Swimming

Ian Tsui - Swimming

April Holman - Swimming

chris sanson