International Languages


Dear Parent/ Caregiver,

As in previous years, PNINS is offering after school language lessons in Terms 2 and 3. This year we are offering French, Spanish, Mandarin, German and Japanese language classes on Monday - Thursday. All tutors are experienced in teaching languages at level 1 and 2.

All classes run for 20 weeks from the beginning of Term 2 from 3.30-4.30pm at school. The number of classes that we offer per week depends on the number of students enrolling in the programme. We endeavour to keep classes to below 15 children per class. Where possible, we try to ensure one class per week is for students who are studying that language for a second year.

The cost of the language programme is $115 per language, payable on enrolment of your child. The French classes have not been confirmed, but register your interest. (Payment for this can be made once the course is confirmed). Classes will be formed according to the number of students registering and tutor availability on the following days.

Spanish – Mon or Tues or Wed

Japanese – Mon or Wed

German – Tues or Wed

Mandarin – Tues or Fri

French – To be advised

NB: If your child plays a sport after school (for example, Netball on Monday night) please indicate a different night for their language as some games are played from 4pm onwards.

Complete the form below, indicating your preferred language and day of lesson and you can make payment through our online store or at the school office. 

Your child will receive confirmation of their class once all classes have been assigned. If you have any further questions about the programme, please contact me via email at or leave a message for me to contact you at the School Office.


Kay Webber

International Language Coordinator