We have recently received information regarding the 2018 International Competition & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) for Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Mathematics.).  We urge students who have special abilities to enter these competitions if at all possible.

However involvement is voluntary and not a school requirement.  Every year a large number of our students do choose to sit these tests.  Involvement in sitting an EAA(Educational Assessment Australia) test provides an opportunity for our students to sit an external test with a format that is very similar to the format of entry tests used by several of the High Schools in our region.  Involvement also allows our students to challenge themselves in specific learning areas and, to gain a measure of their achievement levels against other New Zealand students. Entering these tests can, for many Year 7 and 8 students, be perceived as taking quite a risk – it may well be the first time they take on such a challenge in an academic area.  We encourage them to take up this academic challenge. Tests are held throughout Terms 2 and 3, but in order to keep costs at 2017 prices, we need to have all entries paid online via our school website by Friday 6 April.

Each student who participates will receive a certificate and a detailed results letter indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for students from New Zealand who sit the test.  

Those students from our school who achieve High Distinction and Distinction are acknowledged and congratulated in front of their peers at assemblies and in our school newsletter.

Competition dates and costs are as follows:

  • Science $10.00 - Tuesday 29 May
  • Spelling $11.00 - Wednesday 13 June
  • Writing $21.00 - Thursday 14 June
  • English $10.00 - Tuesday 31 July
  • Mathematics $10.00 - Tuesday 14 August

The closing date for entries of Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School students is:

Friday 6 April 2018. This is to allow administration time for ordering and payment of papers.

If you wish to enter your child in any of these competitions, please complete the online form and follow the instructions to make payment in our Online Store or with the office. 


Thank you

Maryanne Kensington

Assistant Principal