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Volunteer assistant agreement

As a volunteer assistant at a school EOTC event (either on school grounds or off):

  • I am willing to comply with the requests from staff and follow safety procedures that have been set.

  • I agree that I am bound by the school’s privacy policy and will maintain confidentiality regarding students and families at the school.

  • I agree that I am bound by the drugs and alcohol policies of the school, and will not consume or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other harmful substances when supervising or in the presence of students.

  • I agree that I am bound by the smokefree policy and will not smoke anywhere on school grounds, including a road patrol area or EOTC venue, or when supervising students.

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Driver Details

PNINS Driver Responsibilities

When providing transport for PNINS in 2019 you must - 

  • Have a full current NZ Drivers Licence and be Legally allowed to drive.

  • Your vehicle must have a current WOF and up to date Registration.

  • Follow all NZ road rules.

  • Ensure all passengers have a working seat belt.

We require all new parent drivers to fill in the below form. You only need to fill in this form once while at PNINS.

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Driver Name
By Submitting this form you are to agreeing the the PNINS Driver responsibilities.

Police Vetting

To be a parent helper we need to Police vet you.

Vetting needs to be done by PNINS, We can not use vetting from other companies/organisations.

Vetting lasts for two years, If we have vetted you in the last two years you do not need to fill in this form.

Please Download the Police Vetting form and hand it into the office.

We need to take a copy of your ID when you hand this in.