PNINS Newsletter - 5 March


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks as students have settled into their learning and taken up every opportunity that has been given to them. The class councillors have been selected and this has been a thorough process with students hearing their candidate’s speeches and elected to ensure that their thoughts and ideas are well represented at the school council. Two Councillors are selected from each class and will be instrumental in providing valuable feedback on how we can make PNINS a great place for learning. We value student input and look forward to the student council representing the school in a number of events.

THE NORMAL WAY - This term we are really focusing on getting the little things right as we believe they are fundamental to PNINS. In last year’s annual survey many parents have indicated that they wanted a focus on the school values such as RESPECT.

We have been teaching and learning ‘THE NORMAL WAY’ which guides us on how we treat people, our environment, and ourselves. These expectations are based around RESPECT and are explicitly taught and reinforced through our learning and positive reward based programmes. The underlying belief is that we respect the rights of everyone to learn in a safe, supportive and attractive environment, and THINK before we ACT.

We show RESPECT to ourselves by …

  • being honest and fair

  • following directions the first time they are given

  • being in the correct place at the correct time with the correct equipment

  • wearing our uniform correctly

We show RESPECT to others by …

  • respecting the rights of others to feel safe and supported

  • allowing others to learn uninterrupted

  • allowing others to make the most of opportunities

  • using manners

We RESPECT property by …

  • looking after our own belongings

  • respecting others’ property

  • respecting the school’s property

  • respecting the environment

Online Behaviour Expectations

At PNINS we have similar expectations around behaviour when online, with a substantial learning programme that occurs at the beginning of the year to help build digital citizenship. Each student signs a ‘Use Agreement’ before being able to access the internet, to support their learning at school. We have developed a number of learning activities designed to cover these topics and others as they arise:

  • Sharing photos

  • Use of social media sites, as they are public places

  • What you say about people and what will people think of you online

  • Online security of passwords and locking down valuable information

  • Who are you really talking to?

  • What happens when things go wrong?

It is also important that parents take the opportunity to discuss online behaviour with their children at home, especially around the use of social media. Recently,  we have had a number of incidents that have occurred online outside of school hours. All parents and caregivers should be monitoring their child’s online behaviour and can access a number of helpful resources and advice from

Teacher Union Meeting

 You may be aware of the nationwide crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers. Children need teachers with enough time to teach so they can give each child the attention they deserve, and children need talented and inspiring people to be attracted to teaching. Children are missing out on some opportunities to learn because teachers are bogged down in administration or are struggling to get enough support for children with additional learning needs.

Teachers at our school are joining an NZEI Te Riu Roa campaign, called Kua Tae Te Wā – It’s Time, to address these issues. Our goal is to free teachers to teach, and Principals to lead, by getting the additional support and staff that schools need. And we’ll attract more people to teaching by respecting and paying them as the professionals they are.

NZEI Te Riu Roa members at our school have been invited to paid union meetings in March so that we can plan and discuss the campaign and our upcoming collective agreement negotiations. The meeting schedule has been planned so that teachers and principals across the country can work out the best meetings for them to attend.

For us, this is on Friday 22  March at 2.00pm - We ask that you collect your children at 1pm that day please, to allow our teachers to attend this important meeting. Our children deserve the best education in the world, and New Zealand can afford to provide it. It’s just a matter of priorities.

If bus students are unable to be picked up at 1.00pm we will have some staff available to supervise them until their usual after school pick up time.

Thank you for your support of our staff.

Swimming Sports

Our 2019 School Swimming Sports was on last Friday 1st March at the Lido and at our school pool.

In order to cater for the ability levels of all students, they are held in two sections:

  • School Pool – Non Championship / Fun Swimming Sports Activities

  • Lido Pool – Championship Events

Congratulations to swimmers at both events.  Their high level of performance and support for each other in the various events was a feature of our 2019 Swimming Sports.

Results from the Swimming Sports Championship Events held at the Lido in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Y7 BFree
Charlie Ferguson
Matthew Davis
Oliver Song

Y7 GFree
1st - Hannah Booth
2nd - Tayler Trow
3rd - Hannah Mclean

Y8 BFree
Alex Willis
Ian Tsui
Ryan Stott

Y8 GFree
Eden Motley
Jessie Coxon
Nicole Piek

Y7 BBreast
Matthew Davis
Charlie Ferguson
Oliver Song

Y7 GBreast
Hannah Mclean
Emily Cliff
Tayler Trow

Y8 BBreast
Ian Tsui
Charlie Hook
Kyan Mori

Y8 GBreast
Eden Motley
Hayley Cornwall
Nicole Piek

Y7 BBack
Charlie Ferguson
Jack Osborne
Oliver Song

Y7 GBack
Tayler Trow
Hannah Maclean
Eden Brown

Y8 BBack
Alex Willis
Tom Brown
Charlie Hook

Y8 GBack
Jessie Coxon
Manee Chatsungnoen
Kayla Adams

Y7 GFly
Megan Winter
Yono Pilkington

Y7 BFly
Cillian Carroll
Jack Ellison
Oliver Song

Y8 GFly
Eden Motley
Nicole Piek
Hayley Cornwall

Y8 BFly
Alexander Willis
Ian Tsui
Zihao Wang

2019 Inter-Class Swimming Relays

Our annual Inter-Class Swimming Relays, held at the school pool recently, were highly competitive as each class competed for the Palmerston North Intermediate Normal Inter-Class Swimming Banner.

Eight students from each of the 23 classes at PNINS   made up their class relay team and each had to swim one length of the school pool.

The heats were all timed and the 5 Class Teams with the fastest times competed in the finals relay.

Inter – Class Swimming Finals – Results

1st   ROOM 29

2nd ROOM 14

3rd   ROOM 35

Congratulations to all students who represented their class in this event. As usual the standard of swimming and level of competition was high. Special mention to the students of all classes who supported their teams from the grandstand and to a number of parents who attended this annual sports challenge.

Well done to Room 29 who convincingly won the 2019  Inter–Class Swimming Relay and the Banner which will hang proudly in their room until this time next year.

Supersport Softball

On Wednesday 22 February Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School had two teams participate in the 2019 Super Sport softball Competition. A fantastic day had by all and special thanks to parents, Mr Sanson and Mr Grady for all their support on the day.

Boys Team

Kruiz Ioane
Harvey Myers
Jaden Hita
Lukas Adolf
Angus Macintosh
Basantha Subba
Lachie Brownlie
Max Cole
Cooper Furnell
Kayden Richardson
Ryder Lowe

Girls Team

Lucy McLean
Izzy Fenn
Kahurangi Skudder
Viana Garnevska
Summer Lovegrove
Bethanie Trott
Rebecca Golding
Esther Steer
Kearney Matenga
Hayley Cornwall
Daisy Au
Madison Coenders

Relay for Life - Cancer Society Fundraiser

This year the PNINS school council and the PNINS Staff are participating in the annual ‘Relay for Life’ fundraiser taking place this Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of March. Our Councillors will walk/run on Saturday afternoon from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Sunday morning from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM- the teachers will pick up the 6pm to 6am slot! The school council will also be running a school mufti day this Thursday (for a $2 gold coin donation) to add to the money raised by students and staff.  Many thanks for your support of this wonderful community organisation.

School Attendance is Compulsory

On Friday we had a number of students who did not attend school as the swimming sports were being held. At PNINS we have a clear policy that students need to attend every day unless they have a valid reason. Parents, I ask you to support this policy as it provides an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and support their peers. Staying home to avoid attending  a sport events is not acceptable and the school will be following up appropriately. Those who do not have reasonable excuse for non attendance will be marked as truant.


In 2019, we have decided to attend a different camp venue than in previous years. All students will be travelling to Tui Ridge which is based just outside of Rotorua. We have made the decision to change due to a number of reasons with a major focus on students experiencing a wider range of activities. These include: in-camp activities such as abseiling, giant swing, high swing, air rifles, flying fox, BMX, indoor rock climbing and bubble soccer; all of which will be taken by fully qualified instructors.

Another feature of the camp will be the ability to have one full day attending activities within the Rotorua region, allowing greater scope to attend cultural experiences. Plus students are able to attend an activity while travelling to Camp on the Monday. Hence, we feel students will experience a wider variety of learning activities over the week.

The cost for camp will be similar to that in the past of around $480 and parents are able to begin making  payments at any time for this via internet banking to:




Please reference your child’s name and the word: Camp 2019

More information about camp will be sent out closer to your child’s camp through the school wide and team newsletters.

We understand that camp costs can be a financial strain and we urge you to contact Mr Ruawai in confidence if you have any difficulty meeting these costs so an arrangement can be made.  Please phone (3580548) or email the office (

The following dates have been confirmed for 2019 camps:

Term 2

  • June 10-14  IKATERE

  • June 17-21 TANGAROA

Term 3

  • July 22-26  MANAWANUI

  • July 29 - Aug 2  RANGITANE

  • Sept 2- 6 KAHUKURA

  • Sept 9-13 ARATAKI

Payment of School Donation/Activity Fee/Stationery Fee

As outlined in the school's prospectus last year the Board of Trustees has approved a voluntary family donation of $85.00 per child and in addition an Activity Fee of $135.00. In total $220 per child is requested.

There is much publicity about “free education”. The reality for schools is the funds that are received from the Ministry of Education provide a basic model. For our school to provide high quality education at a reasonable cost a contribution from parents is needed. This is sought through subject contributions so students receiving the benefits contribute to the costs.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School is very proud of its personalised learning evidenced by exceptional academic results and student engagement which are in part a result of being able to put the extra funds received from subject contributions into its school programme. We endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.

This year, the Board of Trustees has decided that parents / caregivers who pay the School Donation and Activity Fee by the end of March will have their stationery  pack (valued at $30) free.

Note: To get this benefit both the school donation and activity fee must be paid together ($220).


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Zlata Shapran

Macaiah Wilson-Albert

Rm 2 Razaan Al Rimal Al Shammari

Jack Willson

Rm 3 Eden Brown

Abdur Asif


Rm4 Hannah Greaves

Georgia McNeill

Rm 5 Tia Hickton

Bradie Robson

Rm 6 Elspeth Dunlop

Kahurangi Skudder

Rm 7 Summer Lovegrove

Zainaa Hilal


Rm 12 Millie Silk

Dreshaun Cook-Nelio

Rm 13 Alma Anderson

Shrawan Venkalesh

Rm 14 Taylor Rickard

Bridgette McGoldrick

Rm 15 Neo Rees

Ryan Block


Rm 22 Holly Mason

Ben Irwin

Rm 23 Artemis Kavian-Pour

Matthew Smith

Rm 24 Imagin Sands-Waghorn

Hurae’a Albert-Gray

Rm 27 Sophie Petch

Eve Tse


Rm 34 Zariah Wilson

Haami Broderick

Rm 35 Jahkony Hohaia

Hannah Hoffman

Rm 36 Ben McDonald

Tama Williams

Rm 37 Amanda Yang

Kahlen Todd


Rm 25 Georgia Hendry

Millie Davis

Rm 26 Harmoney Sutherland

Rm 29 Sam Salter

Oliver Song

Rm 33 Mifu Prins

Josiah Wharehinga



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