PNINS Newsletter - 3rd May 2019


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Welcome back to another term as we have many exciting learning programmes planned for our students. The major focus for this term will be based around Science, as we prepare for the Science festival and Science Fair at the end of the term. All students will be involved in science investigations inquiring into a range of areas with the overarching BIG IDEA being:

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known - what might that be?


  1. Carry out investigations and research and communicate their ideas to make links to relevance in their everyday lives

  2. Explore how following and experiencing areas of interest/passion can lead into future personal development

  3. Understand how the 5 Keys to Success will serve them in the future

  4. Gain knowledge and skills to inquire and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge

Science Fair & Science Festival Week

We have been running  a new Scifest format for our students over the last few years and we are really excited about the changes as it is our aim to encourage science in a fun and meaningful manner. In previous years PNINS has run a science and technology fair in which it was compulsory for EVERY student to complete a SCIENCE BOARD following an investigation or development of an invention of their choice. We would put all these in the gym and have our staff judge them with the winners going through to the regional Manawatu Science and Technology Fair. While we are unsure about the regional event,  we will still hold our school event, selecting winners and awarding prizes. Students will be involved this year in the following ways.

Any student wishing to be  selected for the PNINS Science and Technology Fair will still need to complete a full investigation in either science or technology (by solving a need or a problem). It is no longer compulsory for all students. These projects must still be on a cardboard ‘science fair’ board. These boards are on sale at the office, for $15 in five colour choices. Projects will be judged in the gym on the Friday of Scifest 19-  week 10

  • These students will need to follow the MSTF approval poster process, and obtain approval forms and help from Mr Grady (Science specialist). This year the school has authority to issue approval for most projects.These projects will be judged during Scifest week, plus the students will be required to attend an ‘open night’ one hour session in which they will discuss their work with other parents, scientists and peers.

All remaining students who do not enter for the School’s Science & Technology Fair, must still be actively  involved in a science or technology investigation, but there is no requirement to use a board.

Teams will decide how they will develop students’ science skills in the lead-up to Scifest 19. No approval is required for these students, but they are expected to act in a safe manner, and ask an adult if they are unsure.Presentation options available for these students  will be set by their team, but may include digital, paper, photographic or other options.

  • During Scifest 19 week, there will be free lunchtime science presentations in the school, an inter-class challenge, the opportunity to view the MSTF entries, and the MSTF entrants will be recognised at a special assembly (open to parents) and all students will present their work to their class or to a judge.

All students who complete any investigation will receive a printed certificate in one of three levels- gold, silver or bronze based on criteria that they will receive in term 2.

We look forward to your support in the lead-up to Scifest 19. Any questions may be emailed to or sent via a note to Mr Grady.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

These will be held in Week 2 and 3 of next term on Thursday 9th and Wednesday 15th May. (This year you may book on either date regardless of what year your child is in).

School bookings will remain open up until 9am on the conference days at using the code 7pny7

Conferences provide an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss the future learning goals and programmes of the individual student. Each student has set goals with their teacher based on the recent assessments that have completed last term. We will be monitoring and tracking our progress on these goals, providing feedback at our Mid Term conferences in Term 3.

As your child aims to become an independent learner we encourage him/her to attend this conference so that we can affirm and celebrate their achievement as well as identify the next steps in their learning.

Please note there are also bookings available with our Nga Matanga Teachers:

  • Barry Jones Music

  • Jackie Spriggs Visual Art

  • Jeff Smith Hard Materials

  • Warwick Grady Science

  • Gillian Collett Drama

Due to Helen Fotheringham on leave there will not be any Soft Materials conferences in this round.

School will close for all students at 1.00pm on Thursday 9th and Wednesday 15th May.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or

Paid Union Meeting

On Wednesday 8th May all teachers and Principals who are members of the union will be involved in a Paid Union Meeting. We are asking that whanau arrangements for students to be collected from school at 1.00 pm on this day to assist with the management of this meeting.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or

We appreciate your support in this matter.

2019 Board of Trustee Nominations

Nominations are invited for the election of five (5) parent representatives to the Board of Trustees.  A nomination form and notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters.  You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself.  Both parts of the form must be signed.   Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. 


Nominations close at noon on 24th May 2019 and must be accompanied by a signed candidate statement and photograph.


The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.


There will be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school.


Voting closes at noon on 7th June 2019

Heidi Rea

Returning Officer

AIMS Games 2019 Update

Submissions have now closed. 


Over the next two weeks we will be working though each submission and seeking more information if needed. 


We will also be running some trials. Details of these will be sent out and we will ensure all students have this information. 


Our team selection will be finalised on Monday, 20th May and the team will be announced on Friday 24th May 2019.


We will be holding a parent meeting for students who have made the team on Thursday 30th May at 7pm in the school staff room.


The AIMS Training Programme will then start in Week 6.


Any students that make the AIMS team and are in Arataki or Kahukura teams will be attending school camp earlier in Term 3 (Week 1) with Manawanui as these camps clash with AIMS Games.

We will liaise with your child's class teacher/team leader about camp changes  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Chris Sanson our Sports Co-ordinator.

Anchor Bottle Cap Cup

Keep those Anchor milk bottle caps coming on in!

FSM0376 Anchor Aims - Bottle Cap Cup 3_FA.png


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Jack Allen

Rm 2 Maria Reji

Rm 3 Jenny Qian


Rm 4 Ngatana Pomana

Rm 5 Fletcher Hoskins

Rm 6 Kate Coutts

Rm 7 Angus Mackintosh


Rm 12 Molly Whitley

Rm 13 Mara Heiser

Rm 14 Tyrece Karauria-Hare

Rm 15 Annemarie Wiedow

Rm 22 Tayler Trow

Rm 23 Shauna Goodman

Rm 24 Tayen McGuiness

Rm 27 Mikayla Smith


Rm 25 Bryce Devlaminchx

Rm 26 Keagan Doherty

Rm 29 Logan McLaughlin

Rm 33 Pascual Rodriguez


Rm 34 Madison Walker

Rm 35 Rebecca Golding

Rm 36 Patience Araia

Rm 37 Larissa Manoa



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