PNINS Newsletter -27 August 2019


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

The Parent Conferences last Thursday were a huge success with the second day planned for this Wednesday (28 August). It was fantastic to meet parents and discuss student learning. The feedback from parents and staff has been positive as students have been able to discuss their learning with their parents and whānau. These conferences are based on the Mid Year Report that covers what we believe as important at PNINS.  A major difference from previous years is the contribution from students themselves. Students set goals at the beginning of the year and have now reflected on their progress and where to next, which is outlined in their reports. This aims to have learners have greater control and ownership of their learning.

We strongly believe in the school values or Keys to Success, as they are known. The Mid- Year Reports also provide an opportunity for students and teachers to demonstrate how they are progressing in these areas. This term a major focus has been on Resilience/ Aumangea and students participate in weekly lessons developing strategies and understanding to increase their resilience skills and attitudes. All of which increases wellbeing and happiness.

Parents can still book their child’s conference time online until 12pm on Wednesday, 28 August at using the code thnsm.

School will be FINISHING at 1pm to help accommodate for conferences. Please email the office, or tell your classroom teacher if you would like your child supervised until 3pm.

Please note that Room 35 (Miss Kat Wills) , have interview times available as well on Thursday 29th August.  Students from R35 will be finishing at 1pm on both Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Conferences are not the only times of the year where parents can meet and discuss their child’s learning.  A meeting can be arranged through the school office at any time with the class teacher.


The 2019 Manawatu Mathex Competition was a fantastic day for students to be involved in. The room was buzzing with excitement as students engaged in mathematical problems and competed against other schools. It was wonderful to see so many students passionate about mathematics. The 2019 PNINS Mathex teams worked very hard on their learning and produced outstanding results this year as a result of this hard work. We were extremely proud of all students for the way in which they represented PNINS and gave their best efforts. Thanks must also go to our wonderful parents for their support of our Mathex Teams and for providing transport on the day. And a big thankyou to Mr Barnett who trained the team for the last two terms.

The results are as follows:

Year 8

1st - PNINS 1 (Scott Du, Esther Steer, Lucy McLean, Crystal Yuan)

2nd - PNINS 3 (Toby Rae, Jason Gui, Conan Strachan, Suengwoo Lee)

3rd - PNINS 2 (Teo Jaurequi Na, Stephen Rosendale, Carter Fuldseth, Saem Millward)

Year 7

3rd - PNINS 1 (Simon Ton, Peter Hughes, Ryan Fong, Oliver Song)

4th equal - PNINS 2 & 3 (with Dannevirke South School)

PNINS 2 (Emily Cliff, Minyoung Kim, Mara Heiser, Enzo House)

PNINS 3 (George Chen, Blair Verry, Eve Tse, Ben Ditchfield)

PB4L-SW (Positive behaviour for learning school-wide)

Is a programme that we have been developing since the beginning of the year and is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. The framework is  tailored to our school’s own environment and cultural needs.

It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices you have in place to support them to make positive behaviour choices. We are developing clear and consistent systems to help create such an environment. Recently, you would have seen our values SIGNS (Keys to Success) being erected at the school gate to highlight what we are all about. There will be a large range of signage and visual prompts being used to help develop a positive school culture.

Positive Rewards

We have a range of positive reward systems that rewards the individual, team and school wide. New initiatives this term include the introduction of a school-wide reward system using school “To-keys”. Students are given a “to-key” when demonstrating resilience in the playground. After a student vote, it was decided that the reward should they fill the To-Key container would be a free mufti day at the end of term. 

Staff and students have also refined and agreed on the behaviour expectations whilst in Te Tihi and this has now being implemented with new signage to follow.

The PB4L-SW team involve teachers, team leaders and school leaders who are continuing their development/training through the Ministry of Education and are off to further their learning by attending the PB4L-SW National Conference in Auckland 29-31 August.

Mid Term Uniform Check

This term we will have a mid year uniform check as we understand that at this stage of students’ life, they grow. 

Some students will have received a letter to remind them about our school's expectations and we will be following up with them throughout the term. Once again we thank parents for their support in keeping our expectations high.

What is online bullying

In our last newsletter we mentioned online safety and it is imperative that parents are aware of what their child is accessing and doing online. Most social media platforms have an age restriction of 13 and I urge parents to think carefully about signing their child up on a social media platform.  If they are younger than the minimum age they may not have developed the skills needed to deal with all that could go wrong on social media. The issues that we are dealing with originate outside of school hours and then make their way into the school gate. 

Online bullying (also known as cyberbullying) is when a person uses digital technology to send, post or publish content with the intention to harm another person or a group. This behaviour is often aggressive, is repeated and involves some kind of power imbalance between the people involved.

Online bullying can take many forms:

  • name calling online

  • repeated unwanted online messages

  • spreading rumours or lies

  • fake accounts used to harass people

  • excluding people from social activities

  • embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles


  1. Don’t reply: Especially to messages from phone numbers, profiles or people you don’t know.

  2. Don’t attack the person back: Avoid giving the bully the satisfaction of a reaction.

  3. Have a conversation: If it’s safe, try talking to the person privately about what they’ve said or done.

  4. Talk to someone: Talking to friends or whānau can make you feel better – or you can reach out to Youthline, Lifeline or others.

  5. Save messages and images: Take screenshots of the bullying in case you need evidence later. Find out how here.

  6. Cut off the person bullying you: Block their phone number, or block them on social media.

  7. Report it: If the online bullying is happening on social media, you can find out how to report it below.

  8. There is a NZ law to help: The Harmful Digital Communications Act aims to help people dealing with online bullying, abuse and harassment.

  9. Get help: Contact Netsafe for help. We can help with any of the above, tell you if there’s anything you can do to stop the abuse and let you know how to stay safe.


If you or someone you know needs help, contact us by emailing, text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282, call us toll free on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) or report online using our online form.

Our helpline is open from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on weekends.

If you’re concerned about the immediate safety of you or someone else, call 111.

If you or someone else need counselling support you can reach out to Youthline, Lifeline or others.

Ski Trip

On Sunday, 18th August 22 students and 5 adults loaded up into two vans and headed off to Tukino ski field for 2 days of skiing.   The group stayed at the Aorangi Lodge which was covered in snow. 

Monday morning students woke up to a beautiful blue sky day with no wind.  Students took part in a learn to ski lesson and by lunch time all students were up and skiing the slopes. 

Students spent the next two days skiing, learning about the mountain and all got to watch snow patrol set of some avalanches  

A big thanks goes out to the team of adults who managed the trip: Barb Drake, Tania Popata, Jasmine Hansen, Lucy Drake and Chris Sanson.


School Sports Photos

Sports photos will be this Thursday throughout the day. Students will need to bring their PE gear and any team uniform they use while playing for a PNINS’ Sports team. 

Coaches are invited to join these photos. Below is an approximate time table of when photos will be taken:

timetable photos.PNG

School Cultural & Performing Arts Photos

These will be held in block 2 on Friday 30th August, please come with your school uniform on and your musical instrument if required.

Term 4 Sports

Sign up for Term 4 sports will be closing Wednesday 10am. If you miss this cut off please contact the sports office and we will fit your child into a sport.

We have some great ideas for our Try a Sport programme for Term 4. Information for this and our Sport Development training sessions will be out in the coming weeks.  

AIMS Presentation Evening

This is a reminder that we will be having a presentation and final meeting for all AIMS Students and Parents on Tuesday, 3rd September at 6pm in Te Tihi

Kaiatawhai Corner

Cellphones. Aren’t they the best creation of this century? Allowing us to let people know that we are running out of milk and could they pick some up on their way home or organising with our young ones where to meet for pick up. They will never know the struggle of trying to find a pay phone to ring home and say I am ready to be collected now, from outside Downtown movie theatre.

Cellphones. A wonderful creation but I personally believe one of the biggest challenges of parenting that we have seen in this generation.

Today i just want to add a tool to your toolbox and it is up to your whānau if you want to take it on or not.

I want to encourage you, either as you are heading into getting a cell phone for your tween or if you have one already in place, put some boundaries around it. The way I like to look at it, at this age, our youth should believe that the cell phone belongs to the parent and using it is a privilege. 

Take a look at it. This works best if you pick a calm time to sit down with your tween and talk to them about having some rules and stipulations around the use of the phone. I know from speaking to our youth here at school, it is often the unknown around the rules, the inconsistency that can often cause the most friction around technology, so I suggest you use this Cellphone Contract as a guide. Delete what is not applicable, but have a contract in place with your children and I think they will be thankful to know what is expected. A happier solution for everyone.

Cellphone contract.PNG

Also, if you are interested in hearing snippets of Nathan Wallis who came to speak at PNINS a couple of weeks ago, here is a link to some of his main points about the teen brain. Happy watching.


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Rhys Mitchell

Annie Zhang

Rm 2 Emelia Little

Ben Shirley

Rm 3 Charlize Dorfling

Sophie Newton


Rm 4 Hannah Cadzow

Alana Holroyd

Rm 5 Isabella Lauesi

Aaron Cane

Rm 6 Scott Du

Luke Atienza

Rm 7 Deniz Gultekin

Sam McKerras


Rm 12 Mickey Bebb

Brooke Cheetham

Rm 13 Rhea Anthony

Grayson Ferguson

Rm 14 Bethanie Trott

Dylan Kenny

Rm 15 Lien White

Valentino Canterna

Rm 22 Emily Bell

Sonya Lala

Rm 23 Jennifer Guo

Hamish Ainsworth

Rm 24 Ngauaine Ramea-Pongi

Izabelle Byres-Adair

Rm 27 Blair Verry

Arati Rimal


Rm 25 Charlotte Warren

River Keenan

Rm 26 Ava Dyeming

Ryan Saxton

Rm 29 Darcy Hill

Amber Parker

Rm 33 Kyla Forsyth

Sheraz Bhalli


Rm 35 Logan Mulcahy

Samuel Claasen

Rm 36 Thomas Andrew

Alex Pringle

Rm 37 Nick Liddell

Luke Butler



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