PNINS Newsletter - 15 October 2019

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Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Term 3 was a busy, but productive one for students and staff at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School. It was pleasing to see a large number of students across year groups, learning and achieving to a high level in academic, performing arts, sport and citizenship areas.

A major focus for us, and all schools at this time of the year, are transitions. Next year for PNINS our aim is to bring our roll down to under 700 students which will allow us to have around 30 students per class. By doing this we are able to provide a better quality education for all students.

Highlights have been:

  • Celebrating the achievement and efforts of students in class, and in local, national and international academic, sporting and cultural competitions

  • The quality of work on display in classrooms / corridors

  • PB4L Conference for three staff members

  • Tui Ridge Camp for Arataki, Manawanui, Rangitane  and Kahukura  

  • Manawatu Science and Technology Fair

  • Roadshows to contributing schools showcasing PNINS

  • The School and Manawatu Mathex - achieving 1st, 2nd 3rd Year 8, 3rd Year 7

  • Assemblies including Nga Matanga and  Blue Badge

  • Super Sports Events –  Rugby, Football and Cross Country 

  • NZAIMS International Sports Tournament and the level of success of PNINS Teams winning 23 medals - our highest achievement to date

  • Super Arts – Choir joint winners of the banner

  • Peer Mediators

  • Tournament of Minds - Manawatu 

  • North Island Intermediate Cycling Championships in Taupo

  • Success of our winter sports teams in local competitions

  • The students who have been presented with the Principal's’ Award for Excellence / School Pin

  • Dance NZ Made performance

  • PNINS OPEN day for 2020 Year 6 students

  • Mufti day for Cancer Foundation

  • Multicultural assembly

  • 2 day ski trip to Tukino ski field for students, parents and staff

  • Sports and Cultural photos

  • Ultimate Challenges

We are proud of our students for their willingness to attempt new challenges and for the way they have represented our school last term. I would like to thank parents and caregivers for your support and participation in our many school events.

Special thanks to all staff for the preparation and organisation put into their teaching and learning programmes, and involvement in the many extra-curricular sports and cultural programmes at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, enabling us to be at the forefront of pre-adolescent education.

Winter Sport

As the Winter Sports season draws to a close it is timely to reflect back and acknowledge the many fine young people who represent our school in sport each week.

Throughout the season we have enjoyed watching our teams in action whether it be Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Super Sports events and NZAIMS. 

A number of things have impressed:

  • Fair Play

  • Sportsmanship

  • The level of skill

  • Team support for each other

  • Positive parent support on the sideline

  • Enjoyment

Congratulations to our many sports teams on how well they have represented our school, and to those students who have been selected for representative teams this year.

Thanks to our Parents, Teachers, Massey Teachers and High School student coaches who have given so generously of their time, to teach and practice the skills with players, and provide support and encouragement each Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school or on Saturday mornings.

Special thanks to our Sports Co-ordinator, Mr Chris Sanson and Sports Administrator, Mrs Belinda Ruebe whose organisation and co-ordination throughout the year makes our sports programme run smoothly and gives opportunities for maximum numbers of students to participate.

Term 4 Sports

Term 4 sports will be well underway this week with Touch, Badminton, Hockey, Volleyball and Water Polo.

We are hoping to provide some Try a Sports this term which will be starting in Week 5 once Mary Poppins has finished. Details and sign up will be out next week

Please remember to stay up to date with your sports fees, all fees need to be paid by week 5.

If you have any questions about your sport fees please get in touch with us.

Term 4 Learning Focus

This term our overarching learning inquiry is around careers with three big questions that we want our students to answer.

  1. Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder; do you agree?

  2. Where do I see myself in the future?

  3. Everyone has a purpose...what’s yours

Through these inquiry questions our students will learn about how:

  • Young people need encouragement to become career-minded

  • Positive self esteem is the key to making progress in learning and work

  • Individuals need to take responsibility for their own careers

  • Ongoing learning is the key to lifelong career development

  • Forging a career is an act of creative self-expression

  • Individuals define career success for themselves

  • Identify the differences between hard skills and soft skills and how important both are in the career force

As part of this unit, we are holding a school-wide careers day on FRIDAY 29th NOVEMBER. If you are in a job that you love to do and have a couple of hours to spare on that day, we would love to hear from you. We are running 1 hour sessions for students to find out about different career choices (9.30am , 11.15am and 2.00pm).

Taradale Exchange

Choir, Dance, Kapa Haka, Drama and Orchestra will be participating in our annual Taradale Arts Exchange in Term 4 on Wednesday and Thursday 23 & 24 October at Taradale Intermediate School.

This is the fifteenth year this exchange has been operating. Some of our Year 8 students will remember hosting Taradale here at PNINS last year.

Children attending will assemble in the Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School at 7.00am for a roll call. We will load the buses at 7.30am and depart for Taradale.

The children will travel in school uniform and carry their back pack with:

  • morning tea

  • drink bottle

  • jacket

  • lunch

  • Arts gear

  • PE gear for dance

  • costumes for Drama etc

  • Musical Instruments

The children will also require a set of casual clothing / toiletries etc for their overnight stay.

They will be billeted with students from Taradale Intermediate. They can also stay with a family relation or friend or in a motel with a parent/caregiver (at your expense). Details are on the sign up form on the website. If children are staying with a parent in a motel they are still required to on the bus as this is part of the overall experience.

The Programme on arrival at Taradale is:

Day 1
10.00am -  Arrive, powhiri, orientation, morning tea  
11.00am -  Workshop 1  
12.20pm - Lunch
1.30pm -  Workshop 2   

Day 2
9.00am -  Workshop 3  
11.00am -  Combined performance  
12.30pm -  Lunch  
1.30pm -  Buses Leave  

The children are expected to be back at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School by 4.00 – 4.15pm.
Please do not park on the netball courts. The children will disembark and can be collected from the
Performing Arts Center.

Mary Poppins Junior

Tickets are on sale via the website link below or at the school office.

Cross Country

Our school Cross country is this Friday and we are excited to get out there and rip into it. Obviously, we are expecting every student to participate as it is part of our school curriculum. This year’s event will once again be held at Massey University with access through the main car park behind the Massey Gym (please note there is a small cost to park here, and the park is controlled by Massey Security).

Races depart at 10 min intervals as follows:

  • 1.00: – YEAR 7 GIRLS START

  • 1.10: – YEAR 7 BOYS START

  • 1.20: – YEAR 8 GIRLS START

  • 1.30: – YEAR 8 BOYS START

The course is well set up for spectators as there are plenty of places to view runners throughout the course. So would be great to see you there.

Cancellation of this event will be announce via Facebook and the School App by 8am on Friday morning.

Keeping Ourselves Safe Online

Lately we have experienced a number of online/social media concerns  brought to us by parents, most of these are occuring outside school hours but at times have had a flow on effect at school.

We need the support of parents to help educate our students about appropriate online behaviours, particularly how much time your child is online.

How do you know if your child is spending too much time online?



It’s easy to lose track of how much time you’re child is spending online. Lots of online games, apps and platforms are designed to keep them engaged for as long as possible. To help counter this, an idea might be to set up a schedule of how much time you want your child to be spending online. Setting up alarms may help you keep track of how long they’ve been online for and when it’s time to take a break.

Some social media platforms have tools to help keep track of how much time they’re spending online and allow you to set up an alarm to notify you once you’ve spent a certain amount of time online. On the Facebook app, this is under “Settings & Privacy” and then select “Your time on Facebook”. For Instagram, go to “Settings” and then select “Your activity”.



The devices and apps that we use have been created to be as engaging as possible. Even when we have put our phone down, alerts and notifications have been designed to encourage us to pick it back up again and keep scrolling.

Turning off push notifications, changing the screen to greyscale mode, taking distracting apps off the front page of your child’s home screen and downloading a screen time monitoring app are changes that encourage them to unplug.


3.     Talk to your child about FEELING PRESSURED TO RESPOND TO PEOPLE

Teaching your child to respond in their own time is okay and a few “what did I miss” messages in the group chat aren’t going to hurt them. They could also change their settings temporarily, so people can’t see when they’ve been active on an app. Try changing the “show activity status” in their Instagram settings or turn off “Active Status” in Facebook settings.



Try talking to your child’s friends about wanting to cut down on their screen time and see whether they’d be keen to cut down with your child. It’s always easier to make a change when they’re not the only one doing it!


Your child could be losing valuable sleep time by being online after lights out – having an alarm clock to wake them in the morning could be an easier way to cut this habit


Spending time online can be a great way to connect with people and develop new skills, but sometimes it can be nice to take a break and try out something new that doesn’t require your child to be online


If you or someone you know needs help or advice about something that’s happened online, you can contact us seven days a week.

Uniform Update - Sunhats & Sandals

All students are required to wear our school ‘bucket’ sunhats this term from Labour Weekend onwards. These can be purchased from the school office if your child’s hat has been misplaced. Students are also able to wear their roman sandals as an alternative from then on, however, hard black shoes must still be worn for Nga Matanga. Please ensure EVERYTHING is named as we had many items go missing last term.

PNINS Prizegiving

This year we are trialling having our End of Year prize giving being held in the evening as we have received a lot of feedback that parents are unable to attend during the day. This year’s event is on Monday 9th December starting at 6pm. We are expecting all students to attend to be seated by  5.30 pm (doors will be open from 5.15pm).

Teacher Only Day

On Friday, 15th November we will be holding a Teachers’ Only Day where staff will be involved in professional development.


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Aiden Foster

Rm 2 Thomas Mason

Rm 3 Han Mok


Rm 4 Georgia McNeill

Rm 5 Jessica Rangra

Rm 6 Mina Gagic

Rm 7 Angus Mackintosh


Rm 12 Gus Andersen

Rm 13 Patrick Holmes

Rm 14 Munish Pediredla

Rm 15 Ivy Yang

Rm 22 Floyd Smith

Rm 23 Layla Urqhuart

Rm 24 Will Guy


Rm 25 Jacob Lean

Rm 26 Ethan Limmer

Sasha Mackay

Rm 29 Jake Maskill

Rm 33 Shanae Rickard


Rm 34 Lucas Kempthorne

Rm 35 Esther Steer

Rm 36 Mackenzie Winiata

Rm 37 Taylor Field



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