PNINS Newsletter -13 August 2019

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Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

This term we are heavily focused on transitions in and out of PNINS  and have recently attended ten contributing schools sharing what learning will look like in 2020. We are working under a new vision “Passport to the Future - Haere ake ra”which is designed to arm our students with the attitudes, knowledge and skills to be successful. We will take students on a learning journey for the two years they are with us, touching down at FOUR destinations experiencing learning that will arm them for the future. Being HEALTHY, an ongoing LEARNER, RESPECTFUL and SUCCESSFUL are a huge focus on the learning journey at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal. These four main concepts are embedded in everything that we do in and outside of the classroom and enables students to develop an understanding of how the ‘real world’ works.

These four dimensions were collectively decided after consultation with staff, families and students in 2017. We have clearly identified what these look like and documented this in a new concept for 2020 the PASSPORT. It will be a document to share with parents the achievements of their child in all areas of learning at PNINS - Performing Arts, Sports, Academia, Citizenship and a new focus - Cultural.

All our current Year 7 students will get one of these new PASSPORTS next year along with our new students.

Celebration Time

We are extremely proud of our students, staff and families as we have attained fantastic results over the four dimensions of learning. Second in the world for Lit Quiz, Supersport banners and the recent results in Mathex (Placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Year 8 & 3rd in Year 7) indicate that our students are achieving and attaining high results. We have really high expectations at PNINS and achieve these through the commitment of our students, whanau and staff. We also acknowledge the wonderful work from our contributing schools who provide such a solid foundation.

Thank You

We would just like to say thank you to all our wonderful parents, friends and helpers who have supported our students with all the wonderful activities and events that we are involved in. Winter sports, Cultural and Performing Arts activities and our camps, have been successfully run through the support of you all. You are amazing!

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

These are fast approaching and being held on Thursday 22nd August and Wednesday 28th August. Parents can book their child’s conference time through

School will close for all students at 1.00pm on both days so teachers can have lunch and prepare for their first interview at 2.00pm. Bookings can be made through the following website and are 10 minutes in duration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school office.

Enter Code: thnsm

***Please note that students in Room 35 will have their interviews on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th August as Miss Wills is on leave on the 22nd August. Therefore they will finish at normal time on the 22nd August and then finish at 1pm on both the 28th and 29th August. ***

You are also able to book your Nga Matanga (Specialist Subject) interviews on these dates as well.

Developing a strong partnership between home and school is vital if our students are to achieve to their full potential. We certainly value the input that many parents have during our mid year parent conferences as our aim is to update you on your child’s progress. We strongly believe in our 5 Keys to Success with the need for intermediate age students to be well organised, resilient, persistent, confident and to have the ability to get along with others. No doubt your child’s class teacher will discuss these alongside their reflections related to their literacy and numeracy goals. 
Conferences are not the only times of the year where parents can meet and discuss their child’s learning.  A meeting can be arranged through the school office at any time with the class teacher.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm on any of these dates then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or

Year 6 Open Day

Last  Thursday 8th August we held our Open Day for Year 6 students who  are looking for an intermediate in 2020. We had over 200 tours with close to 700 people taking part in a guided tour of the school with our Student Councillors and other Year 8 students. As always there were a large number of families wishing to attend PNINS next year that live out of our enrolment zone. All students that live in our zone have automatic enrolment  with Out of Zone enrolments required to go into the ballot system. The process and dates for this is as follows:

  • 5  August - 2020 School Prospectus, enrolment packs and online enrolments are available for parents to enrol.   A pack is also available on request from the PNINS school office.

  • 13 September -  Enrolments for 2020 close. 

  • 18 September - Ballot (if required) to be held for Out of Zone students.

  • 19 - 20 September - Enrolment confirmation letters/emails will be sent out to all students 

  • 26 September, 7pm - Year 6 Orientation evening will be held at school for all new enrolments for 2020. This will be an opportunity to hear what we have install for 2020. 


This Term we will have a mid year uniform check as we understand that at this stage of students’ life, they grow. 

Some students will have received a letter to remind them about our school's expectations and we will be following up with them throughout the term. Once again we thank parents for their support in keeping our expectations high.

Blue Badge Assembly

At last week’s assembly we awarded students with their Blue Badges and Stars to celebrate their efforts and commitment in the FOUR key areas of school life. 

It was a privilege to have as our special guest special guest, Mr Hamish Giles who spoke about how he uses the 5 Keys in his role as an IT engineer working for Spark.

The Blue Badge Incentive Achievement Awards were introduced at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School in 2004 and have become highly sought after by students across both year groups.  

The awards have helped to advance and motivate the average student to a higher level of achievement.  Since the introduction of Blue Badges we have noticed a high interest and an overall increase in student self-motivation, commitment, participation and effort.  Children across all levels of ability earn and receive these awards proudly displaying them on their jerseys.

At Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, students in both Year 7 and Year 8, will be able to work towards achieving four incentive badges in: 

  • Academia  

  • Performing Arts 

  • Sports    

  • Citizenship

Each badge has a set of criteria outlined on a form  that is to be completed by the student. It is important that the student completes this by themselves as it develops a very important skill called ‘form filling’. They are required to (✓) the criteria and list specific details in support of their nomination. Students will be awarded these badges on achieving the required number of criteria e.g.  Academia – students need to achieve 4 of the criteria listed.

These incentive achievement awards can be awarded throughout the year when the student achieves the required number of criteria.  A letter acknowledging the student’s achievement will be sent home to parents.

The Blue Badge Assemblies are led by our School Councillors.

Safety Online

Over the last week we have had several Instagram incidents brought to our attention.  We appreciate the use of social media is an out of school activity but the flow on effect often comes to school, as it has done this past week. To help support whānau we have added a link to a ‘Parent’s Guide to Instagram’ with this newsletter, this gives great advice on how to manage and monitor your child’s use of Instagram.  (Please note Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account.)

One of the things parents and whānau can also do to provide better online experiences for young people is to talk regularly to your child about online safety. While there might be a gap between what a parent knows about digital technology and what a child knows, parents can share life skills and experiences that children haven’t developed yet. As it can be hard to know how to start this conversation, Netsafe has created the Online Safety Parent Toolkit to guide you. Check out

A few reminders

  • Student Attendance- All students must be present at school so they can participate and engage in learning.  If your child is unable to attend school then the school needs to be notified (with the reason for the absence) as soon as possible, this may be done by:

    • a phone message left on the school answerphone

    • face-to-face at the school office, or with the classroom teacher

    • via the School APP

    • a note in their logbook or 

    • an email to the school office (

If we haven’t heard why your child is away the office personnel will endeavour to contact you on the morning of your child’s absence.  (Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date.)

A medical certificate will be required if your child is away due to illness for a period of time.

Students arriving late to school are required to check into the school office before going to class.  They will sign in, giving a reason for their lateness, and will receive a late pass for their class teacher.

Note:  the school day is 8.40am-3.10pm

Cell Phones at school

Recently we have noticed a number of students who are not handing their cell phones in to the school office. Our current policy is that phones need to be handed in and collected at the end of the school day.  This avoids phones being used inappropriately, lost, damaged or potentially taken. If phones have been confiscated they can be picked up by parents from the school office.

*****WANTED - OLD HATS TO RECYCLE FOR MARY POPPINS…….hats, caps, straw hats, fancy hats fascinators….please give to Mrs Fotheringham in the Soft Materials Room*****

Manawatu Mathex 2019

The 2019 Manawatu Mathex Competition was a fantastic day for students to be involved in. The room was buzzing with excitement as students engaged in mathematical problems and competed against other schools. It was wonderful to see so many students passionate about mathematics. The 2019 PNINS Mathex teams worked very hard on their learning and produced outstanding results this year as a result of this hard work. I was extremely proud of all students for the way in which they represented PNINS and gave their best efforts. Thanks also must go to our wonderful parents for their support of our Mathex Teams and for providing transport on the day.

The results are as follows:

Year 8

1st - PNINS 1

2nd - PNINS 3

3rd - PNINS 2


Year 7

3rd - PNINS 1

4th equal - PNINS 1 & 2 (with Dannevirke South School)

Representative Sport Teams

Well done to our PNINS students that have made Manawatu Sports teams.

Netball PDP Players
Holly Mason
Hannah Mclean
Tayma Jahnke
Cadee Hampson
Payton Baker
Kyra Craig
Shauna Goodman
Mata Ikani
Ashlee Purves
Amanda Popovich
Jani Cronje
Kahurangi Skudder
Tayla Weeds
Isabella Fenn
Kaitlyn McIntosh
Hannah Grayson

Netball Yr 7&8 Development
Ali Kalliana
Eden Brown
Franchesca Gordon
Hannah Greaves
Libby Hawkins
Jayarna Nui-Hinga
Lauren Peters
Emily Rogers
Millie Silk
Thea Towers
Azalea Lieu

Manawatu U11 Rep Rugby
Bryn Pearson
Logan Lokeni
Villiami Tupou

Manawatu Rugby U12 Rep Side
Dreshaun Cook-Nelio
Hunter Kennedy
Luke Atienza
Jamie Viljoen
Charlie Ferguson

U13 Hockey Hatch Cup
Caleb Sanko
Carter Buchanan
Elijah King
Floyd Smith
Max Hodgson
Riley Theobold
Toby Smith
Rome Kearney
William Roberts
Zac Lee

U13 Hockey Curtis Cup

Angus Mackintosh
Ashton Blinkhorne
Ben Shirley
Blair Verry             
Carter Fuldseth
Charlie Algie
Ryan Stott

U13 Central Football Rep
Freddie Dunn
Aiden Foster
Mareko Silver

U12 Central Football Rep
Al Bara Al Sakkaf
Cillian Carroll
Matthew Davis
Ben Ditchfield
Olen Juru
Liam Voisey
Corban Wildbore

U13 Hockey Collier Cup
Bella Treadwell
Charlotte Dunn-Hall
Halle Williamson
Jada Ropitini
Lucy McLean
Millie Davis
Phoebe Jensen
Sophie Bayley

U13 Hockey Rawleigh Cup
Briar Anderson
Charlotte Copeman
Grace Donald
Hannah Hoffman
Kayla Adams
Madison Bayley
Tayler Trow
Greta Shepherd


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Carter Buchanan, Ayaan Khan, Cho Mine, Shar,

Mackenzie Grace, Sam Millward

Rm 2 Hannah Rynhart, Jack Willson, Sebastian Neil,

Jana Amoura, Ryder Sinclair

Rm 3 Tom Denton, Harkaran Sidhu, Sebastian Neil,

Samur Rana, Shane Witute-Conley


Rm 4 Angus Chiles, Yono Pilkington, Amelia Simpson

Tom Hughes, Zack Sharratt

Rm 5 Harrison Hull, Ella Johns-Stewart, Peter Hughes,

Nakul Lakhani, Maxwell Duckmanton

Rm 6 Toby Smit, Kyra Craig, Hope Prisk,

Fletcher Lochhead, Rome Kearney

Rm 7 Recko Tilbrook, Libby Stevens, Winita Buaban,

Lachie Brownlie, Ariana West


Rm 12 Isabell Edsall, Jun Hee Cho, Teresa Lopez,

Danlei Li

Rm 13 Dhruv Banerjee, Ashton Douhett,

Madison Ihlenfeldt, Ta Craw

Rm 14 Caitlyn Pearce, Seungwoo Lee, Eli Andrew-Bilton,

Oceania Hadfield

Rm 15 Leon Payne, Beena Subba, Halle Haw,

Pyper Newton

Rm 22 Olivia Murray, Daniel Cotter, Eryn Wilson,

Tiaan Venter

Rm 23 Adi Singh-Holms, Joslyn Woonsamy,

Josh Zentveld, James Newland

Rm 24 Quinn Henderson, Daniel Alefaio, Anu Subba,

Lena Meti-Nicholas, Hannah Koppenhoefer

Rm 27 Travis Christison, Harleen Kaur, George Hayman,

Greta Shepherd, Zac Trail


Rm 25 Kade Kareko, Jassharr Lackey, Corban Wildbore,

Ryan Saxton

Rm 26 Oscar O’Shaugnessy, Olivia Tornquist, Liam Allen,

Simon Ton, Payton Baker

Rm 29 Bella Treadwell, Robbie Munro, Cadee Hampson,

Fergus Allen

Rm 33 Sophie Cookson, Clare Odering, Kpaw Shee Shee,

Hayley Grimwood, Bryn Pearson


Rm 34 Hannah Grayson, Fatima Hussaini, Eden Crane,

Jayden Evans,

Rm 35 Amini Peters, Emily Cliff, Minyoung Kim,

Wipere MacGibbon

Rm 36 Bianca Pretorius, Jack Snelgrove,

Zoe Fairweather

Rm 37 Alex Nistor, Cecily Knutson,

Jarreau Mohi-Henare



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