PNINS Newsletter - 11 June 2019


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

This week I am writing the school newsletter from Tui Ridge as I am attending the Ikatere camp. We are extremely excited about the change of venue as we aim to provide a wide range of outdoor experiences there for our students, parents and staff. We will endeavour to take a number of photos and post them on our Facebook page when we can. However, we do not have internet access so will post these on our return.

Camp is compulsory for all students and we expect them to attend. It is part of the New Zealand curriculum and provides learning opportunities that students may never have again. It will create a love for the outdoors and a range of activities that develop healthy and responsible citizens.

THANK YOU to the Board of Trustees

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our wonderful Board of Trustees who have done an amazing job over the past three years. The time and commitment they have given the school has been well appreciated by us all, with their focus on providing an environment where staff can teach to their full potential enabling students to get the best possible deal.

Thanks to:

  • Dr. Darryn Joseph

  • Carletta Macdonald

  • Anita Bidlake

  • Hamish Giles

  • James Cameron

  • Barb Pritchard (Staff Rep)

Communication with school

A close relationship between home and school is critical  if students are to be successful. At intermediate age we find that some parents tend to not be as involved as they were at their child’s primary school. However, we also urge parents to get actively  involved in your child's intermediate education.

At times we understand that parents will have concerns and issues to deal with. The process for this is outlined below in our COMPLAINTS POLICY which can be accessed on our school website  -

The purpose of our complaints policy is to provide clear guidelines for the school community in raising and resolving concerns and complaints.

We have procedures in place that we follow to ensure that complaints are handled appropriately. Our procedures enable us to:

  • maintain the best learning environment for our students

  • resolve matters of concern early, if possible

  • respond to feedback and concerns constructively

  • deal with complaints fairly, effectively, and promptly

  • take into account individual circumstances

  • maintain confidentiality

  • preserve school/community relationships and communication

  • monitor and record complaints and concerns about student safety

Most complaints can be resolved informally by discussions with the people concerned.

We encourage parents to make contact first with their class teacher if they have concerns. Please be mindful of times available for teachers as they may not be able to respond immediately during the working day. However, we do aim to respond as soon as possible.

Secondary School Roadshow visits & open Nights

Each year the local secondary schools visit with year 8 students, regarding possible options for 2019 as year 9 students. These are a great way to help students make a well informed decision of which secondary school they may wish to attend. Recently, PN Boys High School came and spoke to students, with staff bringing with them some past PNINS  students to answer questions from our Year 8 boys.

We encourage all year 8 students to attend at least three presentations to ensure they are aware of the options that are available in the Manawatu.

The following Secondary School presentations will be held on the following dates:

  • PNGHS - 25 July - 1.15pm

  • Awatapu- 24 July - 1.15pm

  • Freyberg - 23 July - 1.15pm

  • Queen Elizabeth College - TBC

open nights.png

School Council

The school councillors have had a busy term working on a few different projects. They  have attended Young Leaders’ Day, promoted Standing Up Against Bullying by holding a Pink Shirt mufti day,  supported the 40 Hour Famine and the Anchor Milk Bottle Top promotion. A team within the council are working on Kind Hearts initiatives throughout the school, and another team are looking at what it means to be a role model and student leader at PNINS. Currently they are planning the Year 7 & 8 school dance.

40 hour Famine:   The school councillors want to say a big thank you to the students who took part in the 40 Hour Famine over the weekend.  The aim was to support the children of South Sudan who have been affected by conflict, drought and famine. All fundraising booklets and sponsorship money are due back into school now.   

School Dance:  This will be held in week 9 -  Wednesday 26 June 7-9pm in Te Tihi.  Parents please make sure you come into Te Tihi to collect your children at 9pm.


Coming Events

Team Awards


Rm 1 Isabella Fenn

Ryan Stott

Rm 2 Deonar Ioane-Viliamu

Sebastian Neil

Rm 3 Kate Meyer

Baxter Hoskins


Rm 4 Alana Holroyd

Rm 5 Christine Leong

Rm 6 Jason Gui

Rm 7 Jane Ambridge


Rm 12 Kat Meiring

Franco Roos

Rm 13 Oliver Davidson

Divleen Kaur

Rm 14 Sarah Crawford

Jack Walton

Rm 15 Sean Baxter

Harry Jackson-Vile

Rm 22 Kera Mather

Rm 23 Patricia Cucu

Olen Juru

Rm 24 Maidah Mughal

Max Congon

Rm 27 Emi O’Connor

Beatrice Bently-Hewitt


Rm 25 Jani Cronje

Druss Watson

Rm 26 Zak Lee

Simon Ton

Rm 29 Jack Osborne

Chloe Lim

Rm 33 Nicola Sutherland-Smith

Mason Teitinga


Rm 34 CJ Reid

Pippa Kaiser

Rm 35 Charlie Hook

Hannah Hoffman

Rm 36 Blake Wolmarans

Rm 37 Jai Graham

Kyiah Joyce



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