PNINS Newsletter - 8 May 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Welcome back to another term as we have many exciting learning programmes planned for our students. The major focus for this term will be based around Science, as we prepare for the Science festival and Science Fair at the end of the term. All students will be involved in science investigations inquiring into a range of areas with the overarching BIG IDEA being:

“How does science and technology play significant roles in our lives?”

Learners will:

  • Carry out scientific investigations and communicate their ideas to make links to relevance in their everyday lives

  • Explore how following and experiencing areas of interest/passion can lead into future personal development

  • Understand how the 5 Keys to Success will serve in the future

  • Gain knowledge and skills to inquire and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge

Science Fair & Science Festival Week 

This year will be the second time that we run the new Scifest format for our students. We are really excited about the changes as it is our aim to encourage science in a fun and meaningful manner. In previous years PNINS has run a science and technology fair in which every student completed a science board following an investigation or development of an invention of their choice.

Students will  be involved in the following ways:

  1. Any student wishing to be  selected for Manawatu Science and Technology Fair will still need to complete a full investigation in either science or technology (by solving a need or a problem). It is no longer compulsory for all students. These projects must still be on a cardboard ‘science fair’ board. These boards are on sale at the office, for $15 in five colour choices. Projects will be judged in the gym on the Thursday of 'Scifest18' week.
  2. These students will need to follow the MSTF approval poster process, and obtain approval forms and help from Mr Grady (Science specialist). This year the school has authority to issue approval for most projects. These projects will be judged during Scifest week, plus the students will be required to attend an ‘open night’ one hour session in which they will discuss their work with other parents, scientists and peers.
  3. All remaining students who do not enter for the Science & Technology Fair, must still be actively  involved in a science or technology investigation, but there is no requirement to use a board.
  4. Teams will decide how they will develop students’ science skills in the lead-up to 'Scifest18'. No approval is required for these students, but they are expected to act in a safe manner, and ask an adult if they are unsure. Presentation options available for these students  will be set by their team, but may include digital, paper, photographic or other options.

 During 'Scifest18' week, there will be free lunchtime science presentations in the school, an inter-class challenge, the opportunity to view the MSTF entries, and the MSTF entrants will be recognised at a special assembly (open to parents) and all students will present their work to their class or to a judge.

All students who complete any investigation will receive a printed certificate in one of three levels- gold, silver or bronze based on criteria that they will receive in term 2.

We look forward to your support in the lead-up to 'Scifest18'. Any questions may be emailed to or sent via a note to Mr Grady.


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

We are excited about the upcoming Parent conferences that will be held over the next two weeks. It is an opportunity for students to share with their parents their learning goals and discuss the ways in which they intend to achieve them.

The Learning Goal sheets will be sent home prior to your child’s conference in order for you to read before attending.

  • Year 7 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Thursday 10th May  

  • Year 8 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Wednesday 16 May

Conferences provide an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss the future learning goals and programmes of the individual student.

Questions you might like to ask your child’s teacher with regard to your child and their learning at PNINS.

  1. Can you tell me how well my child has settled at PNINS this year?
  2. What would you say are my child’s areas of strength?
  3. What do you consider to be the learning needs of my child?
  4. How do you provide for my child’s learning needs in your classroom
  5. Is my child socialising effectively in the classroom
  6. What can we do, as parents, to support my child’s learning at home?

As your child moves along the continuum towards becoming an independent learner we encourage him/her to attend this conference so that we can affirm and celebrate their achievement as well as identify the next steps in their learning.

School will close for all students at 2.00pm on Thursday 10 May (Year 7s) and Wednesday 16 May (Year 8s)  

Rooms 2, 3 and 14 Year 7 interviews are being held on Tuesday 8 May.  School will close for these classroom students at 2pm that day.  They will remain at school until 3.10pm on Thursday 10 May.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or


Email Incident

Over the break we experienced an inappropriate email incident which was unfortunately sent out to all students. As soon as we were notified of this email our IT team immediately shut down Gmail access until further notice. The origin of the email was from outside the school and we have taken the necessary steps to prevent further issues. However, it has been a useful opportunity to review school wide systems and further educate students about online safety.


Cadbury Chocolate Bar Fundraising

The Board of Trustees has arranged a fundraising campaign with Interworld Fundraising, to raise money towards upgrading our playground equipment.

This fundraising project will commence on Wednesday 16 May and conclude on Friday 15 June 2018.

This fundraising campaign involves the selling of Cadbury Chocolate Bars to friends, family, neighbours and the wider community.  The All Stars box comprises of 30 bars of Dairy Milk, Caramello, Moro, Crunchie, Dream, Twirl, Oreo, Perky Nana and Time Out, each bar sells for $2 ($60 per box).  All chocolate bars come packaged in convenient carry boxes.

We have budgeted on each student selling two boxes and we have negotiated the following incentives to reward his / her / your efforts:

For the students:  For each box sold the student’s name will go into the draw for one of four major prizes including a Mini IPad, 1 x $100 Plaza Vouchers,   1x $100 Rebel Sports Vouchers and a bike with a helmet.

The Top 4 sellers will also receive a choice of one of the above prizes.

In addition all students who sell more than four boxes will go into a separate draw for a $100 Plaza Voucher.

One box of chocolate bars will be distributed to each student on Wednesday 16 May when sales will begin.  Students can uplift another box once the money for the first box has been brought back to school in an envelope with his / her name and class recorded on the outside.

We recommend the product to you, and look forward to your support of this fundraising venture.

Please contact the office via phone 3580548 or email if you DO NOT wish for your child to participate.

Parents can you help?

We would appreciate the services of parents to assist with the distribution of the chocolates on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May between 1.45pm – 3.00pm, and the collection & counting of money, each day from Tuesday 12 June – Monday 18 June 2018, between 9am – 10am.  If you are able to assist, please email the office on


Touch Challenge - Staff v Manawanui  (5-4)


School Fees / Donation- Special Offer extended until Friday 11 May


Thank you to the many parents who have already paid their School Donation, $80; and Activity Fees $130; total paid qualifying for a free stationery pack valued at $35. (A number of parents have taken up this offer).

Due to the costs of uniforms, sports fees etc. that parents have experienced this term, the Board of Trustees have agreed to extend to all parents this special offer to the end of Week 2, Term 2 Friday 11th May.

Despite what you may read in the media many schools are finding it increasingly difficult to budget within the existing Operations Grants allocated.

The school operations grant must cover all school operations including:  support staff salaries, priority maintenance, caretaking and cleaning contracts/ wages. It supplements curriculum delivery, learning support/extension programmes, and consumables associated with curriculum, administration, property, technology, etc.

The payment of your School Donation and Activity Fee enables us to provide the best in resources and equipment possible, to support the quality teaching and learning programmes in our school.

On a comparative basis nationwide our School Donation / Activity Fee is very reasonable with a number of intermediate school fees in excess of $400.

To  take up the offer of free stationery the donation and  school fees need to be paid by Friday 11 May, 2018 by automatic payment to Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, BNZ, Palmerston North, A/c Number 020630 0029588 00.  (Please state the name of the child and reason for payment in the details column). EFTPOS is also available at the School Office.


College Street Cycle Way Upgrade


Palmerston North City Council is improving cycle facilities on College Street, from Maxwells Line to Albert Street. Their aim is to provide connected, consistent and safe facilities that encourage biking, particularly for school pupils.


The proposed new roading layout on College Street, is between Pitama Road and West End School. Painted safety buffers provide space for car door openings and between motorists and people on bikes.

Cycle facilities have already been installed on certain sections of College Street in recognition of its use and importance as a cycling route.

Given the competing demands for road space, there has to be a balanced solution that addresses prioritising vehicle and cycle lanes, whilst still providing enough space between cyclist, parked cars and moving traffic.

Parking has been retained as much and/or where it is essential – such as near businesses and bus stops. They propose to provide and control parking in the following ways:


The changes have been developed based on extensive fieldwork, consideration of land use, and best practice.

Public meeting Tuesday 8 May - The council is holding a public meeting to discuss the proposal: 7pm on Tuesday 8 May at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School. The meeting will focus on the section between Botanical Road and Batt Street, where no parking is proposed on either side.

Timeline - The Council plan to start updating the road markings in late April where there are no substantial impediments, and anticipate additional changes to kerbs and islands will be complete by September 2018.


AIMS Games 2018

The Anchor AIMS GAMES have established themselves as the elite sporting competition for emerging adolescents in New Zealand and in 2018 offer 21 sports. It is an opportunity to compete on a national stage and our focus at PININS is to excel in this environment. PNINS has sent a team since its inception. The PNINS team brought home 10 medals in 2017 which was an amazing achievement.

Mr Ruawai will be the lead person selecting and organising the PNINS team to attend this prestigious event. We will be taking a team of approximately 40 athletes across a number of codes which we are yet to decide. The selection process is outlined below:


Athletes, parents, coaches and managers are required to write a submission using the following link of why they think they should attend; listing the achievement and efforts that will see them compete at national level successfully. We are providing an extension for submissions to be made , which now needs to be completed by Friday 11 May, 4pm.

Kaiatawhai Corner

I wonder if you have had your daughter or son come home at some point in Term 1 and talk about their Love Language and wondered what that was about?

Term 1 saw me head into each class at PNINS and talk about the 'Love Languages' with the children and staff.

Storybooks and television tell our children that love is a mushy, wonderful thing that is all butterflies and romance. But as adults, we know that loving others- whether a spouse, family member, a friend or your neighbour- is more often an exercise in self-sacrifice and putting others first.

Teaching our kids that our sense of worth does not come from how many Facebook and Instagram likes we get but instead encouraging our children to grow to be wonderful communicators who can give and receive love will put them in good stead for the future challenges they will encounter.

For those of you who haven't heard about 'The 5 Love Languages' it is a concept created by Dr Gary Chapman. He wrote a range of books, some for adult relationships and one around parenting children using the 5 love languages. 

Dr Chapman suggests knowing your children's love language can make all the difference in your relationship.

In essence, there are 5 ways that we hear and feel love.

Those 5 languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch.

To learn our own love language is a great tool, but to learn those around us, means we can speak to each other in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.

If you are interested in taking the love language quiz, here is the link to the adults quiz.

If you have other children at home and would like to know their love language, then you could go through this quiz with them.

I hope this brings up some interesting conversations in your whanau and i wonder how you might put this into practice!

Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Lucy McLean 
  • Rm 2   Keira Chaffe 
  • Rm 3   Mickey Bebb


  • Rm 22    Brooke Jordan
  • Rm 23    Charlotte Orme
  • Rm 24    Aleisha Cheetham
  • Rm 27    Hamiora Littlejohn-Horua 


  • Rm 4    Sheraz Bhalli
  • Rm 5    Katie O'Brien
  • Rm 6    Emma Roygard
  • Rm 7    Tyler Broughan


  • Rm 25     Kaitlin Murphy    
  • Rm 26     Quinlan Huff
  • Rm 29     Ava Ternent
  • Rm 33     Brianna Grapes


  • Rm 12     Ruby West
  • Rm 13     Mathias Buchanan
  • Rm 14     Amanda Poporich
  • Rm 15     Beena Subba


  • Rm 34     Kyra Craig
  • Rm 35     Cole Phillips
  • Rm 36     Charlie Hook
  • Rm 37     Kahlen Todd