PNINS Newsletter - 4 December 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Dear Parents / Caregivers

We are very busy celebrating all the wonderful learning that has occured this year with end of year trips, assemblies and reports. A highlight for staff is the planning for 2019 and designing learning programmes that are aimed to engage and extend our students.
Our final newsletter of the year will be our Christmas Newsletter next Wednesday 12th December.


End of Year Reports

There is a slight change to when your child’s End of Year and Specialist Technology / Arts reports are coming home - this will now be on Monday 10th December. The End of Year Report informs parents and caregivers of their child’s achievement, effort and progress at school this year.

There are FOUR key sections to this report:

Teacher Comment

  • General Comment giving an overall summary of the year in all areas of school life

Learning Areas

  • Levels of achievement  based on the New Zealand Curriculum. This replaces reporting using National Standards and an explanation on how to interpret the curriculum levels is written on the report cover

  • Comments indicating where students are currently achieving and their next learning steps

5 Keys to School Success

  • Student self assessment and teacher reflection on the ‘5 Keys to Success’ indicated on a continuum

Student reflection

  • Student self reflection on their progress and participation while at PNINS this year



In 2019, we have decided to attend a different camp venue than in previous years. All students will be travelling to Tui Ridge which is based just outside of Rotorua. We have made the decision to change due to a number of reasons with a major focus on students experiencing a wider range of activities. These include in-camp activities such as: Abseiling, Giant Swing, High Swing, Air rifles, Flying fox, BMX, Indoor Rock Climbing and Bubble Soccer. All of which will be taken by fully qualified instructors.

Another feature of the camp will be the ability to have one full day attending activities within the Rotorua region, allowing greater scope to attend cultural experiences. Plus students are able to attend an activity while travelling to Tui Ridge on the Monday. Hence we feel students will experience a wider variety of learning activities over the week.

The cost for camp will be similar to that in that past of around $470 and parents are able to begin making  payments for this via internet banking to:




Please reference your Child’s Name and the word Camp.

More information about camp will be sent out in Term 1 of next year through the school wide and team newsletters.

The following dates have been confirmed for 2019 camps.

  • June 10-14  IKATERE

  • June 17-21 TANGAROA

  • July 22-26  MANAWANUI

  • July 29- Aug 2  RANGITANE

  • Sept 2- 6 Term 3 KAHUKURA

  • Sept 9-13 ARATAKI


Class Placements

2019 classes and teachers are as follows:


Student Class Changes

As you know we currently run composite classes (Year 7 & 8 students together in one class) with the focus on providing positive role modeling from our Year 8 students. This has proved beneficial and successful for a number of years. However, society is changing and we have found that some students coming to PNINS are a lot more anxious and worried about change. This also applies to some students who leave for secondary school. Therefore, we wish to trial a new programme for 2019 in one team, four classes, that aims to help students with transitions in and out of PNINS.

Why the Year 7 & 8 Classes?

The purpose of having a scaffolded curriculum for Year 7 & 8 would be to have a clear learning pathway that is targeted and related to the needs of each age group. This would include:

  • Building stronger relationships in Year 7 students based around the school’s values and keys

  • Providing a greater opportunity to unpack school wide systems so students feel confident to use and engage with assessments, timetables and being organised, registering for sports and groups etc

  • Better prepared Year 8 students for secondary school by adjusting key programmes such as literacy and numeracy to be inline with what the year 9 learning looks like at High School

  • Providing greater understanding of how secondary schools operate to help students be well organised and prepared for daily life eg. multiple lessons / subjects, homework and to emphasise the importance of getting along to meet new students and teachers

  • Greater communication with our contributing schools and secondary schools in order to have a better understanding of what students need allowing for a more personalised approach

    It is our aim to  have both Composite and Straight Year 7 & 8 classes in the future as both philosophies cater for students of this age. We wish to be responsive in the future and provide a personalised approach to students across the school.

    At the end of every year we make a number of changes based on a variety of reasons such as gender/year group balance and learning and behavioural needs. As mentioned in our last newsletter, we will do our best  to meet the needs of all our students and if your child is moving class we will endeavour to contact you before the beginning of the 2019 school year.

2019 Beginning of the Year

We will be starting the 2019 school year the same as last year which is aimed at building greater relationships.

  • Year 7 students, new Year 8 students and students with a new teacher will start with a 20 minute parent conference on Wednesday (30 January)  or Thursday (31 January) . Conference bookings will be made online and all information will be sent out via email when class lists are released on Wednesday 23 January.

  • Year 7 & 8 students will all start on Friday 1 February in their classes



A powhiri will be held on Friday 1 February at 10am in Te Tihi to welcome students to school. A newsletter will be handed to Year 7 parents at their conference to outline the process of the powhiri.

Community Survey Feedback

We thank parents who have taken the time to complete our parent survey and we have had some excellent feedback on what we do well and what areas we can improve on. Listed below are some overarching themes that have emerged.

Areas which are going well:

  • Amount of experiences that is on offer in all areas of school life

  • High expectations on behaviour and standards

  • High performance in regional and national competition and academic performance

  • PNINS prepares students for Secondary School

Areas to improve:

  • Communication and follow up with parent concerns

  • Balance and focus between the four areas of learning - Academia, Performing Arts, Sport and Citizenship

  • Reporting student achievement to parents

  • Review of the Parent Conference length of time

  • Greater opportunities for more  students to experience things across the board eg leadership, sport, etc

  • Consistency of expectations between teachers

Helpers for Second Hand Uniform Sale

Our school will be holding its annual Second Hand Uniform Sale on Monday 17th December 2018 from 4.00pm – 6.00pm.  We would really appreciate assistance from parents willing to help set up (on the Monday morning 11.00am – 1.00pm) and sell Second Hand Uniform items (4pm – 6.00pm).  Please leave your phone number at the school office or email: if you are able to assist.


Our PrizeGiving Assembly will take place in the Regent Theatre on FRIDAY 14 December beginning at 10am. We would ask that all parents and friends of the school are seated by  9.45 am (doors will open at 9.30am). At this assembly we will recognise the achievements of Year 7 and 8 students across all fields of learning including Academia, Sports, Performing Arts, Citizenship, and Nga Tohunga classes.

Please note the details on your calendar. We look forward to celebrating with you the achievement of our students at our annual PrizeGiving Assembly.


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1 Nicki Woollaston

  • Rm 1 Saem Millward

  • Rm 2 Max Cole

  • Rm 2 Ben Shirley

  • Rm 3 Hunter Southee

  • Rm 3 Madeline Tuthill


  • Rm 22 Joel Fountain

  • Rm 22 Tayla Woods

  • Rm 23 Tom Brown

  • Rm 23 Riley Dawson

  • Rm 24 Patrick Holmes

  • Rm 24 Conan Strachan

  • Rm 27 Bea Bentley-Hewitt

  • Rm 27 Charlotte Childerhouse


  • Rm 4 Bella Evans

  • Rm 4 Caydy Skerrett

  • Rm 5 Riahn Brickland-Tatana

  • Rm 5 Anuroda Subba

  • Rm 6 Patrick Canham

  • Rm 6 Josh Harrison

  • Rm 7 Jason Gui

  • Rm 7 Lochie McTamney


  • Rm 25 Lucas Hyland

  • Rm 25 Millie Davis

  • Rm 26 Reem Al Rimal Al-Shammari

  • Rm 26 Sadia Sohail

  • Rm 29 Jessica Lloyd

  • Rm 29 Kelly Wells

  • Rm 33 Willow Allerby

  • Rm 33 Emiliya Shafieva


  • Rm 12 Libby Stevens

  • Rm 12 Cate Claasen

  • Rm 13 Keegan Doherty

  • Rm 13 Cici Sun

  • Rm 14 Isaiah Noble-Parangi

  • Rm 14 Hannah Russell

  • Rm 15 Manee Chatsungnoen

  • Rm 15 Aura Booth-Taylor


  • Rm 34 Sonya Griffiths

  • Rm 34 Kayne Broom

  • Rm 35 Cole Phillips

  • Rm 35 Ella Greaves

  • Rm 36 Liam Bland

  • Rm 36 Kirsty Phillips

  • Rm 37 April Holman

  • Rm 37 Jade Bull