PNINS Newsletter - 7 August 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Dear Parents / Caregivers


The New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI) union for Teachers and Principals is running a campaign for more investment in education that addresses some of the issues our school faces. Strike action has been been called to address two main issues.

Firstly, there is a serious shortage of teachers across the country and a crisis is approaching very shortly. There has been a 40% drop in teaching graduates in the past five years, while student numbers are growing rapidly. Bold solutions are needed to address the crisis to ensure all kids have a teacher in coming years.

Secondly, schools are also facing a desperate need for resourcing for increasing numbers of children with additional learning needs. Budget 2018 saw a welcome increase in resourcing for children with additional needs, but resourcing needs to be ratcheted up so that thousands, not hundreds of children get the support they need.

These issues can only be solved by providing schools with more staffing and more resourcing to ensure we make teaching an attractive occupation to join and stay in. Our children should be getting an education that sets them up for life - it is what parents expect and children deserve. It’s time to do what works for children and invest more in education.

What does this mean for children and whānau? We appreciate the inconvenience of strike action on some families, and our teacher members do not take the decision lightly. Primary teachers have not taken industrial action in New Zealand since 1994 and the fact that we are taking such a step now shows the grave concerns we have. The government needs to take courageous steps now!

It is the role of the Board of Trustees to decide whether to shut the school or keep it open during strike action. Your Board has made the decision to CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY 15th AUGUST. This means that parents will need to find alternative care on this day for their child.



Mid Year Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences

Year 8 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Thursday 23rd AUGUST  from 2pm

Year 7 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on  Wednesday 29th AUGUST from 2pm

School will close for all students at 1.00pm so teachers can have lunch and prepare for their first interview at 2pm. Bookings can be made through the following website and are 10 minutes in duration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school office.

Enter Code:    n9sr2

Please remember to book Year 8’s on 23rd August and Year 7’s on 29th August.

Conferences provide an opportunity for students parents, students and teachers to discuss the future learning goals and programmes of the individual student.

As your child moves along the continuum towards becoming an independent learner we encourage him/her to attend this conference so that we can affirm and celebrate their achievement as well as identify the next steps in their learning.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or




We have been busy meeting with our contributing schools showcasing the wonderful learning opportunities that are available at PNINS.  This is a new concept which has seen 43 students and five staff visit nine schools talking with year 6 students. The following process will be used to enrol for 2019:

  • MONDAY  - 13 August - Enrolments open -  All contributing schools will receive paper copy of enrolments and enrolments can also now be done online through the school website

  • THURSDAY - 16 August- Open Day - School is open for students to visit classes and see what learning looks like at PNINS. There will be three sessions during the day starting at  9.30am, 11.30am & 2 pm. (A paper enrolment, as well as an online option, will be available from the school office on this day.)

  • FRIDAY - 14 September- Enrolments close

  • 20 September- Out of zone ballot drawn (if required)

  • 21 September- Letter of acceptance go out to families

  • 27 September- Orientation Evening


Staff News:

Mr Jono Hicks will be taking up a new position at Paraparaumu College from the start of Term 4. We wish him well for the next stage in his teaching career. He has had a positive impact on our students with his humour and commitment to our students.We will be advertising his position this week and will inform the class and school community of his replacement as soon as this has been completed.


Cross Country

Due to the unavailability of our normal venue we have had to move it to the Massey track on FRIDAY 24TH AUGUST.  We will endeavour to keep you well informed of any changes and postponement dates. Our school Facebook page is a great way to find out the latest news. Also we intend to post the exact times of races in order for families to organise their day to attend and watch.

NON PARTICIPATION - It is essential that every student participates in the school’s cross country and we urge that parents encourage their participation. Over the past few years a number of students have opted out of this event and not attended school that day. Students  who do not attend the Cross country this year and don't have a medical note from their parents, will run with Mr Ruawai at an alternative date.

International Student Homestays

PNINS is look for families who are prepared to take in international students for a period of time, either short term (weeks) and for the entire school year. Homestay families are paid a weekly amount to cover living costs and are provided with support from the school to ensure that the stay is successful for everybody involved. If you are interested in becoming a homestay family or would like to find out more information please contact the school office.

Tough Guy/Gal Junior Challenge

The PNINS  AIMS’ team , School Councillors, and 7 other lucky students had the honour of taking on the 2018 Tough Guy/Gal Challenge. The event was held at Linton Army Camp on Friday the 3rd of August.  Our AIMS team left school at 7.30 am with our Councillors leaving an hour later. At Linton we quickly strapped on our shoes and equipped ourselves for the race.  We walked over to the stage, and listened to the music playing. Our spirits were climbing and so were our nerves, as the time until starting got closer and closer. We were sent off in waves of about 50 kids, with 20 - 30 second intervals. The race was challenging and we definitely had to use our Five Keys to overcome the difficult terrain and obstacles thrown our way. The Tough Guy/Gal Challenge had multiple mud puddles, a pond and challenge course at the end.  After you finished the race and were covered in mud but luckily for us there were showers and a fire hose.  After a tiring race, and a long day we were all exhausted and ready to go back.  However, the day wasn’t over because school was waiting for us for the rest of the day.  Overall, everybody had an amazing day and we were stoked to have survived the Tough Guy/Gal Challenge for 2018.  (Charlotte Cobham and Luke Radford)


Blue Badge Assembly

Our next Blue Badge assembly will be held this Friday with our special guest being ex student Bruce Hemara (ex All Black, Manawatu and Turbos coach) and current rugby director at PNBHS.

The Blue Badge Incentive Achievement Awards were introduced at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School in 2004 and have become highly sought after by students across both year groups.  

The awards have helped to advance and motivate the average student to a higher level of achievement.  Since the introduction of Blue Badges we have noticed a high interest and an overall increase in student self-motivation, commitment, participation and effort.  Children across all levels of ability earned and received these awards last year, and have been proud to display them.

At Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, students in both Year 7 and Year 8, will be able to work towards achieving four incentive badges in:

  • Academia  

  • Performing Arts      

  • Sport        

  • Citizenship

The badge awarded is a cloth badge to be sewn on to the child’s jersey (similar to our School Council Badge).

Each badge has a set of criteria outlined on a form  that is to be completed by the student. It is important that the student completes this by themselves as it develops a very important skill called ‘form filling’. They are required to (✓) the criteria and list specific details in support of their nomination. Students will be awarded these badges on achieving the required number of criteria e.g.  Academia – students need to achieve 4 of the criteria listed.

These incentive achievement awards can be awarded throughout the year when the student achieves the required number of criteria.  A letter acknowledging the student’s achievement will be sent home to parents.

The Blue Badge Assemblies are led by our School Councillors.

Manawatu Scifest Awards


Fonterra Best Exhibit in Fair – Runner Up – Technology

Wilson Hannon – Exploring solutions for Palmy plastic litter

Fonterra Best Exhibit in Fair – Runner Up – Science

Stephanie Stewart – Reduce Food Waste

Fonterra Best Exhibit in Fair – Premier Prize – Technology

Ruby Mainwaring – Get a Grip

Youth Judged Science & Technology Prizes

Ruby Mainwaring

Abbie Taylor

Lucy McLean

Fonterra Science & Technology High Distinction Prizes

Charlotte Orme

Lilly Rooney

Esther Steer

Ayja Taylor

Lucy McLean

Ruby Hansen-Thomas

Mackenzie Rate

Wilson Hannon

Massey Science & Technology Distinction Prizes:

Emma Mudford

Sophie Peters

Zlata Shapran

Thomas Van Rysewyk

Tom Brown

Annabelle Paddison

Ella Wingfield-Smith

Anais Thompson

Brianna Adkins

Leah Brown

Jade Rowe

Fonterra Science Encouragement Prizes

Jesse Franks

Zachary Hintz

Scott Grady

Anika Paterson

Georgia Packer

Ashlee Purves

Abby Stones

Sonja Li

Special Prize Category

Australian & NZ Council for the Care of Animals in Research & Teaching

Esther Steer – Highly Commended

Horizons Regional Council Intern Prize

Emma Mudford

Zlata Shapran

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Reaserch Environment Prize & Day Tour

Wilson Hannon

Manawatu Branch Geoscience Society of NZ

Ella Wingfield-Smith

Massey University, Institute of Fundamental Sciences – Biology Prize

Charlotte Orme- First Place

Massey University, Institute of Fundamental Sciences –Chemistry Prize

Hazel Gregg & Zara Isles

Massey University, Institute of Fundamental Sciences – Physics & Biophysics Prize

Jesse Franks – Highly Commended

Statistics NZ & NZ Statistical Association Prize

Zlata Shapran – Statistics First Place

Massey University, School of Agricultural & Environment –  Ecology Group Prizes

Esther Steer

Massey University, School of Agricultural & Environment – Land Based Industries Prizes

Ella Wingfield-Smith

Massey University, School of Engineering & Advanced Technology (SEAT Prizes)  – Engineering Principles

Ruby Mainwaring – First Place

Massey University, School of Engineering & Advanced Technology (SEAT) – Chemical & Bioprocessing

Emma Mudford – Highly Commended

Anais Thompson – Highly Commended

NZ Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science Prizes

Zlata Shapran – Agricultural

Emma Mudford – Animal Science

NZ Microbiological Society (Mike Baxter Prize)

 Charlotte Orme – Best Microbiology Project

NZ Baking Industry Research Trust Prizes

Rebecca Golding – Runner Up

Stephanie Stewart – First Place

The Science Centre Inc Prize

Annabelle Paddison – First Place

UCOL Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology Prizes

Annabelle Paddison UCOL Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology- carpentry/wood prize for the best project involving carpentry or wood construction

Sohie Ward UCOL Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology –  Electrical Prize for the best electrical project

Teise Teumohenga - UCOL Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology  - innovative prize for the best project innovative project

Ayja Taylor - UCOL Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technology Hair and Beauty Prize for the project involving hair and beauty

UCOL Faculty of Humanities and Business Prize for Business Potential – for the best business innovation project

Ruby Mainwarin                                                          

Dr Gregor Yeates Memorial Prize

Lilly Rooney

Mina McKenzie Indigenous Science Prize

Teise Teumohenga

Massey University Internship

Annabelle Paddison

Aami Sahana

Sasha Mikhyeyeva

Madison Ihl

Georgia Packer

Ashlee Purves

The Massey University Sustainable Prize

Wilson Hannon

MSTF Approval Prize

 Charlotte Orme

Science Award Trust Prizes

CJ Reid

April Holman

Sophie Ward

Sasha Mikhyeyeva

Aami Sahana

Madison Ihenfeldt

Hudson Aish

Luke Atienza

UCOL Faculty of Health & Science Prizes

Charlotte Orme – UCOL Laboratory prize for the best laboratory techniques demonstrated

Anais Thompson – UCOL Vet Nursing – Animal Care Prize for the best project involving care of animals

April Holman - UCOL Vet Nursing – Animal Behaviour/Physiology/Anatomy Prize for the best project involving animal behavior, physiology or anatomy

Abbie Taylor - UCOL Best Health Prize for the best project involving health

Vaka Science Excellent Awards – Ministry for Pacific Peoples

Hudson Aish & Luke Atienza – Runners Up – Engineering (Physics & Maths)

Teise Teumohenga – Prize Winner – Technology  (Applied Science)

Royal Society of NZ – Manawatu Branch Inc Prizes

Charlotte Orme

Lucy McLean

DairyNZ Prizes

Jake Rayner – High Distinction

Emma Mudford – 2nd Place


Life Education (Life Ed.)

Hi from Tim and Harold @Life Ed Manawatu!

How awesome it is to be back at PNINS! The warmth, enthusiasm, positivity and energy of everyone here is quite inspirational - each day brings so many rewarding experiences, and the response to the puberty focus from the pupils and staff has been quite stunning! There have been so many thoughtful questions and discussions both in and out of the mobile classroom that show what confident, capable and resilient young people there are here.

Life Education is a charitable trust that receives no government funding, and our local Manawatu trust is currently trying to find the $50,000 needed to upgrade our mobile classroom to the the new 3G model. If you would like to support our worthy cause, we have the following items for sale during the visit:

  • Harold flag pens @$1
  • Soft toy Harolds @$7
  • Harold drink bottles @$10
life ed.jpg

Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Max Hodgson
  • Rm 1   Abby Turnbull
  • Rm 2  Ben Shirley
  • Rm 2  Wilson Hannon
  • Rm 3  Kylem Vunipola
  • Rm 3  Beverley Elliott


  • Rm 22    Anais Thompson
  • Rm 22    Louana Lafaele  
  • Rm 23    Hannah Parry
  • Rm 24    Maryam Al-saleem
  • Rm 24    Sasha Mikhyeyva
  • Rm 27    Molly Gardiner
  • Rm 27    Teo Jauregui Na


  • Rm 4    Zoe Rook
  • Rm 4    Hayley Grimwood
  • Rm 5    Lily Reiher
  • Rm 5    Riley Theobold
  • Rm 6    Kahurangi Skudder
  • Rm 6    Emma Ogilvie
  • Rm 7    Lochie McTamney
  • Rm 7    Daniel Warrington


  • Rm 25     Daniel Fletcher   
  • Rm 25     Lilee McNabb
  • Rm 26     Lucas Orlowski      
  • Rm 26    Ying Ying Yong
  • Rm 33    Emiliya Shafieva
  • Rm 33    Nabeel Imitiyaz


  • Rm 12     Abby Thompson
  • Rm 12     Alec Ross
  • Rm 13     Caroline Rezner
  • Rm 13     Mousum Rai
  • Rm 14     James Abernethy
  • Rm 14     Oceania Hadfield
  • Rm 15     Fotu Lavilavi
  • Rm 15     Jack Bevin


  • Rm 34     Johnson Vercoe
  • Rm 34     Angus Just
  • Rm 35     Tiaan Dorfling
  • Rm 35     Callum Mercer
  • Rm 36     Cate Morrison
  • Rm 36     Aaryan Mandri
  • Rm 37     Alex Willis
  • Rm 37     Alex Little