PNINS Newsletter - 21 August 2018


Thank You

We just want to say a huge thank you to all those families that supported  us in the recent STRIKE action that was taken last Wednesday 15th August. As mentioned teachers have not taken such action since 1994 and we acknowledge that this would have caused some disruption for our families. Our main focus is for better opportunities for your kids and they are at the heart of our actions.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences 

We are really looking forward to seeing our Year 8 parents this Thursday as they discuss their child’s goals and reflections.

A friendly reminder to book in your interviews online or by phoning the school office.

Year 8 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Thursday 23rd AUGUST  from 2pm

Year 7 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on  Wednesday 29th AUGUST from 2pm

School will close for all students at 1.00pm so teachers can have lunch and prepare for their first interview at 2pm. Bookings can be made through the following website and are 10 minutes in duration. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school office.

Enter Code:    n9sr2

Please remember to book Year 8’s on 23rd August and Year 7’s on 29th August.

Conferences provide an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss the future learning goals and programmes of the individual student.

As your child moves along the continuum towards becoming an independent learner we encourage him/her to attend this conference so that we can affirm and celebrate their achievement as well as identify the next steps in their learning.

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or

ICAS Results 


Year 7s


Al-Bara Al-Sakkaf             

Junhee Cho           

Carter Fuldseth    

Jason Gui  

Tim Harjes 

Teo Jauregui       

Fletcher Lochhead            

Jake Maskill                         

Saem Millward   



Kate Coutts   

Scott Du                               

Toby Rea                            

Stephen Rosendale        





Kate Coutts

Scott Du

Zainna Hilal

Pippa Kaiser

Eilidh Mackay

Jake Maskill

Saem Millward

Sophie Peters

Halle Willamson

Crystal Yuan 


Georgia Taylor-Yeates

Ian Tsui


Year 8s


Philippa Anderson           

Carter Fuldseth                 

Wilson Hannon   

Alexander Hindmarsh

Hayley Hudson        

Rebecca Murphy

Jenny Song


Mitchell Cole                      












Philipa Anderson

William Duncan

Emma Ogilvie

Nora Richardson

Griffin Roberts

Sophie Ward



Camille Chemasle

Jessica Greenwood

Charlotte Ross-Graham




National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA) Testing

The purpose of the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA) is to get a broad picture of student achievement in New Zealand. It does this by assessing nationally representative samples of New Zealand school students at successive points in time so that:

  • trends in educational performance can be identified and reported;

  • factors that influence student achievement can be identified and reported;

  • good information is available to assist policy makers, curriculum specialists and educators with their planning;

  • the public has more information about trends in educational achievement.

200 schools are randomly selected to take part in national monitoring each year. In each school up to 25 students are selected to take part in the assessment programme with the support of trained teacher assessors, students work on tasks in a variety of ways.

25 PNINS students will take part in this testing Monday to Wednesday next week.


Cross Country - 24 August 2018

This is a participation event. Those who do not participate must have a good
reason and a note/email from their parents/caregivers.
On the day students will need to take with them:

  • a warm jacket
  • a water bottle
  • a snack to eat after the race
  • an older pair of shoes
  • a plastic bag
  • shoes to change into before getting back on the buses

They may wear, if they wish, a t-shirt in their team colours.
As well as individual winners of each category, there will be a best team
competition. The first third past the finish line will receive 3 points, second third
will receive 2 points and the last third will receive 1 point.
Those in the first 10 may be eligible for a place in the Super Sport Cross Country

Race times:

1.00pm Year 7 Girls
1.10pm Year 7 Boys
1.20pm Year 8 Girls
1.30pm Year 8 Boys

If students are going home with a parent – they need to let their teacher know by
Friday morning, through a note in their logbook or an email to their teacher.  School uniform does not need to be worn home.


Life Education - Farewell from Tim and Harold

Our last day tomorrow - all good things must come to end, and for us, "good" does not even come close to how I would describe the last 4 weeks - it has been a truly inspirational time with these marvelous young people and their brilliant teachers that has simply flown by: a wonderful privilege to be able to share in their learning, guide their curiosity, encourage their positive ideas and challenge their thinking as they realize their stunning potential. Their openness reveals a genuine interest in their development which certainly bodes well for their futures, and their positive energy has driven numerous stimulating discussions. Please check out the Manawatu Guardian newspaper this Thursday for an article on the learning that has been taking place, and we would love you to go to our Life Ed Manawatu Facebook page tomorrow and locate the PNINS post where you can find photos and captions from our visit - please leave a comment, and if you like us: FANTASTIC!

Thankyou again for having us at your amazing school - can't wait to see you all again in the future - take care and have a spectacular rest of the term!

Warmest wishes from Tim and Harold.


Kaiatawhai Corner

I recently went to a public lecture by Professor Richard Shaw from Massey University and he suggested that 65% of the jobs that our young people will do when they are entering the workforce, have not being created yet.

Isn’t that an amazing thought that technology is changing our lives so dramatically that the jobs our children will have in the future, do not even currently exist.

What a wonderful thing technology is, it can make our lives so much easier and I appreciate how it helps me connect with people all over the world, but one of the common things that I also hear in my role as Kaiatawhai (or School Social Worker) is the challenging side of technology and how it can create so many struggles in family's lives.

I have found an article by Victoria Dunkeley, a Child Psychiatrist, an expert in her field around screen time and development of the nervous system.

My hope for you as you read this article is that it gives you some food for thought and then you may use it to open up conversations with your family about how best to use technology and social media in your own homes:



We are nearing the end of winter sports. A massive thanks goes out to all our coaches and parents that helped make PNINS Sport happen and giving our students more opportunities every day outside of the classroom. 

Term 4 sport sign ups will be out soon. 

Please ensure you are up to date with your sports fees. You will need all your sports fees paid to be able to join a sport in term 4. 

If you have any concerns or questions about this please get in touch with the sports office. 


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Charlotte Davies 
  • Rm 1   Camille Chemasle
  • Rm 2   Naut De Vries 
  • Rm 2   Sa Ngo
  • Rm 3   Dreshaun Cook-Nelio
  • Rm 3   Molly Whitley


  • Rm 22    Kera Mather
  • Rm 23    Angus Mackintosh
  • Rm 23    Charlotte Orme
  • Rm 24    Billy Sedgewick
  • Rm 24    Ta Craw
  • Rm 27    Tatiana Katu
  • Rm 27    Jasmine Holden


  • Rm 4     Kevin Guan
  • Rm 4     Ethan Darby
  • Rm 5     Sarah Ngauoraiti
  • Rm 6     Hayley Hudson
  • Rm 6     Ruby Mainwaring
  • Rm 7     Brandon Lee
  • Rm 7     Alex Hindmarsh


  • Rm 25    William Kennett
  • Rm 25    Corban Wildbore
  • Rm 26    Jorjye Popow
  • Rm 26    Daniel Briggs
  • Rm 29    Crystal Yuan
  • Rm 29    Darren Juru
  • Rm 33    Zahara Henderson
  • Rm 33    Charlotte Dunn


  • Rm 12     Angela Fang
  • Rm 12     Lachie Brownlie
  • Rm 13     Tiara Alefaio
  • Rm 14     Cate Redshaw
  • Rm 15     Sean Baxter
  • Rm 15     Lilly Payne


  • Rm 34     Andy Lin
  • Rm 34     Jack Willson
  • Rm 35     Oliver McShane
  • Rm 35     Trelise Porteous
  • Rm 36     Tyler Green
  • Rm 36     Dorothy Lewis
  • Rm 37     Poppy Mudgway