PNINS Newsletter - 20 November 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

Dear Parents / Caregivers


We would like to take the opportunity to thank parents and their families  for their support in the recent strike. It certainly is the last resort for union members and we understand the disruption that it causes families.

End of Year Reports

On Friday 7th December your daughter / son will bring home their 2018 End of Year Report together with their Specialist Technology / Arts reports. The End of Year Report informs parents and caregivers of their child’s achievement, effort and progress at school this year.

There are FOUR key sections to this report:

Teacher Comment

  • General Comment giving an overall summary of the year in all areas of school life

Learning Areas

  • Levels of achievement  based on the New Zealand Curriculum. This replaces reporting using National Standards and an explanation on how to interpret the curriculum levels is written on the Report Cover

  • Comments indicating where students are currently achieving and their next learning steps

5 Keys to School Success

  • Student self assessment and teacher reflection on the ‘5 Keys to School Success’ indicated on a continuum

Student reflection

  • Student self reflection on their progress and participation while at PNINS this year


2019 Staffing Update

  • We welcome both Kate Taffs from Parkland School and Matt McEwan from Ross Intermediate to the PNINS team for 2019

  • Mrs Alison McRae retires at the end of the year after a forty year association with PNINS. At the age of 17 Alison was a student teacher and has been a full time teacher since 1995. During that time she has held many roles at PNINS from the  ESOL teacher, teacher in charge of library, School Council and more recently as the Staff Trustee on the Board of Trustees. She has been a well respected staff member among her colleagues and the wider community. Her contribution has been much appreciated and impacted on so many students who have been through her class over the years. We wish her well in her retirement

  • Our wonderful Librarian Mrs Judine Knowles also retires at the end of the year after 9 years service to our school making PNINS the envy of many schools


2019 classes and teachers are as follows:

class 2019.PNG

There will be a number of changes for 2019 as we develop new programmes to meet the needs of students which is ever changing in today’s society. Early in 2017 senior staff met with year 9 students from both PNBHS and PNGHS to get a better understanding of how PNINS could better prepare them for High school. It was an invaluable experience and created thinking around how we can develop better transitions in and out of PNINS.

Year 7 & 8 separate classes - Next year we will be trialling a programme where Ikatere will be running two straight year 7 classes and two straight year 8 classes. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • PNINS is a very large and busy school which means that Year 7 students take some time to settle to our busy routine. Year 7 classes will spend longer to understand school with systems, building relationships with their peers and developing their knowledge of our ‘5 Keys to School Success’. This will undoubtedly reduce anxiety levels of both students and parents. While also getting students involved quicker in all the opportunities that PNINS has to offer

  • Year 8 teachers will have an opportunity to look at their academic programme to help meet the demands of High school. For example, changes to writing programmes at the end of the year may differ to involve a greater focus on report, procedural writing, essays and note taking to ensure that students record accurate information for later use

  • It is important to note that all four classes will be interacting as a team to ensure that they build a team culture. School camp, specialist subjects, sport and planned value based programmes will ensure that all will socialise and interact with each other

Student Class Changes

Due to teacher changes next year we are working through some student class changes, especially those involved in the straight year 8 classes.  We also take into consideration balancing out gender, year groups and learning and behavioural needs. If there is a change of class for a student we will be contacting parents before the new school year.

Kaiatawhai Corner

As we see another School Year coming to a close, it is an interesting time of year for our Year 8 students. Emotions will be a mixture of sadness for leaving the safe environment they have come to know over the last two years, excitement for the next chapter of their lives to begin and a nervousness of the unknown.

We would like to give the opportunity for our Year 8s to talk through some of these feelings and are looking to join together the Year 8s that are attending Freyberg, Awatapu, Girls High and Boys High into their prospective school groups during school time over the next couple of weeks.

We hope that this session would be an opportunity to meet some new students from PNINS who are attending the same school, equip students with some new techniques around how to manage worries and allow them an opportunity to self reflect on the years ahead.


Community Survey

We are constantly reviewing our school vision starting with developing a ‘learner profile’ of what knowledge, skills and attributes our students need when they leave PNINS at the end of Year 8. We understand that we play a critical role in preparing students for secondary school and believe they all need to be literate and numerate in order to access the curriculum while at high school. However, there are a number of other skills they will need, to be responsible and confident citizens in our community who contribute positively.

Staff have committed a number of days this year discussing what a ‘Learner Profile’ should look like and now we seek feedback from parents and students. Attached to this newsletter is a survey link online and a paper form is available on request.

Please take the time to complete this alongside your child as they will provide valuable information and ideas on how we can improve to ensure we meet the needs of your child/ren.

Principal’s Awards of Excellence

  • Jake Maskill - Dance - Attended the  junior musical theatre in Auckland and selected to represent NZ in musical theatre on a trip to New York in 2020

  • Josh Harrison  - Dance - Attended the Junior musical theatre in Auckland and selected to represent NZ in musical theatre on a trip to New York in 2020

  • Josh Mulcahy - Cycling - 2nd place Team Time Trial

  • Ta Craw  - Cycling - 2nd place Team Time Trial

  • Harrison Craw - Cycling - First Place in the National year 8 Criterium , Cycling - 2nd place Team Time Trial

  • Nikau Joseph - Cycling - 2nd place Team Time Trial

  • Luke Harris - Football - Selected for the central football federation team to represent NZ that went to Sydney

  • Ani Kitchin  - Cheerleading - First place in the National Individual year 8

  • Scott Du - ICAS High distinction mathematics

  • Atlanta Hearn -  Karate - Receiving her Black Belt. Gold medal for kumite (fighting) for her category while representing NZ.  

  • Charlotte Ross Graham -  Writing - “Outstanding”  piece of work in the national Elsie Locke writing competition

Mufti Day - Thinking of others at Christmas

Last week the School Council organised a Mufti Day where students brought  to school non-perishable food items as part of the ‘Thinking of Others’ Annual Food Bank Appeal.

They raised $945.00 and collected an overwhelming amount of cans and food items.  On Friday, 7 December at 10am we will be helping Burnzee and The Breeze “Stuff the Bus” with these food items along with much needed goods purchased from the funds raised.   You are welcome to keep bringing items into our school office to donate to this very worthy cause, all proceeds going to Methodist Social Services and Barnados. We thank you for your generosity and support and congratulate the school council with their tremendous efforts.  

stuff the bus.PNG

Second Hand Uniform Sale Helpers

Our school will be holding its annual Second Hand Uniform Sale on Monday, 17th  December 2018 from 4.00pm – 6.00pm. We would really appreciate assistance from parents willing to help set up (on the Monday morning 11.00am – 1.00pm) and selling the Second Hand Uniform items (4pm – 6.00pm).  Please contact the school office on phone 3580548 or email: if you are able to assist.

Year 8 Leavers’ Dance

The council is busy organising this very important event on the school calendar.  It is for Year 8 students only and will be held on Tuesday 4 December. Tickets will be sold by councillors in each of their classrooms. There will be no tickets available at the office. The theme this year is ‘Christmas’. Students with a ticket are asked to bring a plate for supper  (one plate between two students of finger food). Dress code is semi-formal with a Christmas touch. It will be held in Te Tihi from 7-9pm. As usual, parents/caregivers are required to come into Te Tihi to collect the students. To help with traffic, please come in the South Street entrance and exit by the Linton Street gate.


Our Prizegiving Assembly will take place at the Regent Theatre on Friday 14 December beginning at 10am. We would ask that all parents and friends of the school are seated by  9.45 am (doors will open at 9.30am). At this assembly we will recognise the achievements of Year 7 and 8 students across all fields of learning including Academia, Sports, Performing Arts, Citizenship, and Nga Tohunga classes.

Please note the details on your calendar. We look forward to celebrating with you the achievement of our students at our annual Prizegiving Assembly.

Production 2019

PNINS is delighted that we are now in a position to be able to announce next year’s production – ‘Mary Poppins Junior’. This will involve approximately 90 students including a cast of 30 and a choir of 60. This is an exciting opportunity and we will be looking forward to a large number of our students auditioning towards the end of term two next year. Rehearsals will be held throughout term three and ‘Mary Poppins Junior’ will be onstage in term four 2019.

Sports Fees

Statements for over due sports fees are being sent out this week in the post. Please ensure you are up to date with all your sports fees.

Year Book

Reminder that Year 7's are now able to pre-purchase the 2018 yearbook. Students will need to go to the library before school and order these from Mrs Knowles. They are $10 each. Year 8’s will all receive one on behalf of the school. All students will receive their yearbook once they have been printed. We also have copies of our 2017 yearbook selling for $5 for any students who did not purchase one last year.


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1 Sophie Peters

  • Rm 1 Lily Kreegher

  • Rm 2 Siquan Li

  • Rm 2 Teise Teumohenga

  • Rm 3 Ave Almandoz

  • Rm 3 Alex Hartnell


  • Rm 22 Cameron Williams

  • Rm 22 Navidi Ketawalakumbura

  • Rm 23 Oscar Smith

  • Rm 23 Kayden Richardson

  • Rm 24 Shrawan Venkatesh

  • Rm 24 Stephen Rosendale

  • Rm 27 Maxine Codeniera

  • Rm 27 Blake Green


  • Rm 4 Shanae Rickard

  • Rm 4 Thomas Van Rysewyk

  • Rm 5 Owen Jarrett

  • Rm 6 Blake Frickleton

  • Rm 6 Harry Gordon

  • Rm 7 Lachlan Fraser

  • Rm 7 Lara Smith


  • Rm 25 Kazuki Macdonald

  • Rm 25 Liliana Cooper

  • Rm 26 Ani Kitchin

  • Rm 29 Patricia Cucu

  • Rm 29 Adi Singh-Itoms

  • Rm 33 Jesse Franks

  • Rm 33 Josiah Moonsamy


  • Rm 12 Tia Humphrey

  • Rm 13 Payton Baker

  • Rm 13 Zak Lee

  • Rm 14 Max O’Connor

  • Rm 14 Angel Masoe

  • Rm 15 Olivia Kingston

  • Rm 15 Ivy Yang


  • Rm 34 Milla McCartney

  • Rm 34 Jakar Elers-Penberthy

  • Rm 35 Viana Garnevska-Keall

  • Rm 35 Fraser Stanley

  • Rm 36 Kristy Phillips

  • Rm 36 Dylan Calder

  • Rm 37 Alex Willis

  • Rm 37 Yutong Ma