PNINS Newsletter - 5 September 2018


Thank You

We would just like to say thank you to all our wonderful parents, friends and helpers who have supported our students with all the wonderful activities and events that we are involved in. Winter sports, Cultural and Performing Arts activities have all been successfully run through the support of you all. You are amazing!


Parent Conferences 

Developing a strong partnership between home and school is vital if our students are to achieve to their full potential. We certainly value the input that many parents had during the recent mid year parent conferences as our aim was to update you on your child’s progress. We strongly believe in our 5 Keys to Success with the need for intermediate age students to be well organised, resilient, persistent, confident and to have the ability to get along with others. No doubt your child’s class teacher would have discussed these alongside their reflections related to their literacy and numeracy goals.

Conferences are not the only times of the year where parents can meet and discuss their child’s learning.  A meeting can be arranged through the school office at any time with the class teacher.


During Term 4, around week 4, Miss Mary Siu will be taking up the teaching position in Room 7 replacing Mrs Walker, as she will be going on Maternity Leave.  
Mary has worked extensively throughout PNINS in the past and fully understands our philosophy and expectations here at Intermediate Normal. She will do an amazing job.
We wish Mrs Walker and her husband Matt all the best for the birth of their first child.


Peer Mediators 

Since the beginning of this term a number of students and I  have been involved in 6 lessons learning how to become Peer Mediators. Mediators are here to help students deal with arguments or conflict that may occur during interval and lunch time. The skills taught empower individuals to build positive, caring relationships with others especially when conflict arises over differences.


Year 6 Open Day 

On Wednesday 16 August, we held our Open Day for year 6 students who  are looking for an intermediate in 2019. We had over 200 students and their parents attend taking a guided tour of the school with our student councillors. As always there are a large number of families wishing to attend PNINS next year that live out of our enrolment zone. All students that live in our zone have automatic enrolment  with out of zone enrolments required to go into the ballot system. The process and dates for this is as follows:

  • 14 September      Enrolments for 2018 are due into PNINS
  • 20 September     Ballot (if required)
  • 21 September      Enrolment confirmation letters/emails for students will be sent out to all parents/caregivers 
  • 27 September     Orientation meeting will be held at school for all new enrolments for 2019. This will be an opportunity to hear                                                          what we have install for 2019 

A Few Reminders

Student Attendance

All students must be present at school so they can participate and engage in learning.  If your child is unable to attend school then the school needs to be notified (with the reason for the absence) as soon as possible, this may be done by:

  1. A phone message left on the school answerphone
  2. Face-to-face at the school office, or with the classroom teacher
  3. Via the School APP
  4. A note in their logbook or
  5. An email to the school office (

If we haven’t heard why your child is away the office personnel will endeavour to contact you on the morning of your child’s absence.  (Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date.)

A medical certificate will be required if your child is away due to illness for a period of time.

Students arriving late to school are required to check into the school office before going to class.  They will sign in, giving a reason for their lateness, and will receive a late pass for their class teacher.

Note:  the school day is 8.40am-3.10pm.

Cell Phones at School

Recently we have noticed a number of students who are not handing their cell phones in to the school office. Our current policy is that phones need to be handed in at the beginning of the school day, and collected at the end of the school day.  This avoids phones being used inappropriately, lost, damaged or potentially taken. If phones have been confiscated they can be picked up by parents from the school office.


Annual Taradale/PNINS Performing Arts Groups Exchange 2018

This year the annual Taradale/PNINS Performing Arts Cultural Exchange will take place in week three of term four. 

Thursday and Friday
25/26 October 2018

This year it is Taradale Intermediate’s turn to visit us.
So that we can begin to place students from Taradale we need to know the number of PNINS Performing Arts students that are able to billet students from there.
All you need to do to billet a child is provide a bed (doesn’t necessarily need to be an actual bed – it can be an airbed or camp stretcher in your child’s room) a meal on Thursday evening and a packed lunch on Friday.
If you are able to assist us with this please click on the link below and fill in the form. 

Good Luck to our PNINS AIMS team

The PNINS AIMS team heads to Tauranga on Saturday to compete in 8 different sports. We wish them luck and you will be able to follow their progess on our Facebook page. 

The Team featured in the last "Road to the AIMS Games" Video 


Term 4 sports sign-up is live on our website. These need to be in by Friday 7th September.


First Game - Thursday 25th October 

Cost - $30.00

Game Day - Thursday 4pm - Twin Turfs, Manawaroa Street

Training Night - TBA


First Game - Friday 26th October 

Cost - $20.00

Game Day - Friday 6pm - Monrad Park

Training Night - TBA


First Game - Thursday 25th October 

Cost - $50.00

Game Day - Thursday 4.30 to 6.00pm - B&M Centre Arena Manawatu

Training Night - TBA


First Game - Monday 17th September 

Cost - $20.00

Game Day - Monday 3.55pm - B&M Centre Arena Manawatu

Training Night - TBA

Water Polo

First Game - Tuesday 16th October

Cost - $20.00

Game Day - Tuesday 3:45pm - 5:45pm - PNBHS Pool

Training Night - TBA

Letters went home last week if you have not yet paid your sport fees. 

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about these. 


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Annie Zhang
  • Rm 1   Jack Allen
  • Rm 2   Hugo Newsome
  • Rm 2   Eman Attanib 
  • Rm 3   Zara Hardy
  • Rm 3   Alex Hartnell


  • Rm 22    Brooke Jordan 
  • Rm 23    Zainaa Hilal
  • Rm 23    Anaru Mason 
  • Rm 24    EhMoo K Paw
  • Rm 24    Shawny Rickard
  • Rm 27    Emma Minshull
  • Rm 27    Te-Omeka Mohi Henare


  • Rm 4    Kruiz Ioane
  • Rm 4    Keriana McFadyen
  • Rm 5    Ryder Ruscoe
  • Rm 6    Hunter Easton    
  • Rm 6    William Duncan
  • Rm 7    Toby Rea
  • Rm 7    Larissa Kamphambe


  • Rm 25     Angus Carthew 
  • Rm 25     Laura Hansen
  • Rm 26     Kate Meyer
  • Rm 26     Hakaran Siclhy
  • Rm 29     Josh Zentveld     
  • Rm 29     Jennifer Guo
  • Rm 33     Sophie Ward
  • Rm 33     Willow Allerby


  • Rm 12     Recko Tilbrook
  • Rm 12     Sienna Collins
  • Rm 13     Christian Falloon
  • Rm 13     Olivia Satherly
  • Rm 14     Bridgette McGoldrick
  • Rm 14     Hana Khan 
  • Rm 15     Lein White
  • Rm 15     Valentino Canterna


  • Rm 34     Casey Human-Robinson
  • Rm 34     Jacob Orr
  • Rm 35     Kyan Mooney
  • Rm 35     Wipere Macgibbon
  • Rm 36     Gihara Fernando
  • Rm 36     Zoe Fairweather 
  • Rm 37     Abbey Kendall