PNINS Newsletter - 29 May 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

We believe at PNINS that the Intermediate years are a critical time in a student’s life where they are going through a large amount of change, and in particular the jump between Primary and Secondary schooling. It is a time where social interactions, learning about the world and developing a strong sense of they are, need to be catered for in our curriculum.

Parent and student feedback indicates that students want to have more OPPORTUNITIES to try new things across a wide range of activities. As a response we have developed a new programme called HAPPY HOUR that will provide 32 different opportunities for students to experience for an afternoon. This will occur twice this term with the aim for it  to be extended to more sessions in Term 3.

All staff have committed to being involved, providing a diverse range of learning experiences. It begins this Friday with the next session to be  held on Friday 15th June.

Activities include:

  • Gridlock

  • Leadership Development

  • Shoe Painting

  • Scrapbookers

  • Stem Challenges

  • Forensic Files

  • Kite Making

  • ABL Adventure Based Learning

  • Te Ao Kori

  • Palmy Rocks

  • PNINS Movie Making

  • Jump Jam

  • Horrible History

  • Ripper Rugby

  • Theatresports

  • Terracotta Pot Painting

  • Cupcake Decorating

  • Needle Thread Magic

  • Pop-Ups

  • Horse Knowledge

  • Yarn Spinners

  • Sudoku/Crosswords


  • Slime making

  • DIY Board Games

  • Fairtrade excursion

  • Desk Renovations

  • Pottery

  • Squash

  • Art with Attitude

  • Music Composition 101

  • NZSL (NZ Sign Language)

  • Bun Supper


Mid Year Uniform Check

From week 7 this term we will be having a mid year uniform check to ensure that our high standards are kept. At this age students grow quite rapidly, and therefore, uniforms may need to be adjusted to accommodate this.

We will be doing a whole school check and students whose uniform does not meet our expectations will receive a reminder letter. Some areas that we will be focusing on will be the little things such as socks, hair, skirt length, shoes, hair ties etc.



Throughout the year we have staff changes for a variety of reasons such as travelling overseas, maternity leave, promotion etc and this term we announce the following:

  • Assistant Principal Appointment - Congratulations to Anna Stephenson for successfully being appointed to the position of Assistant Principal. We welcome Anna to the leadership team.
  • Room 12 - We farewell Mrs Amy Young next week as she takes up a teaching position in China. Amy has been an outstanding teacher at PNINS and we wish her well on her overseas adventure.  Ms Lisa Ahern will be moving from Room 36 to take up the teaching in Room 12 with Ms Milly Pivac who will be teaching on Fridays.
  • Room 36 - With Ms Lisa Ahern moving to Room 12, we welcome Miss Mary Siu back to PNINS . Miss Siu has been a teacher on and off at PNINS for a number of years and brings with her a wealth of experience at this age level.

Rotary Club of PNINS Speech Festival 2018

Congratulations to the following students who took up the opportunity to write a speech for this festival. The following students impressed with both their content and delivery:


  • Madeleine James
  • Emma Ogilvie
  • Kate Coutts
  • Renae Adrian
  • Isabella Fenn


  • Teise Teumohenga


  • Eilidh MacKay

Congratulations to Eilidh, who represented PNINS at the Rotary Speech Festival on Monday 28 May.

Eilidh and Teise will both have opportunities to present their speeches to the school in a future assembly.


Nga Tohunga Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences


Nga Tohunga (Technology, Science, and The Arts) Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will be held on Thursday 14 June.

Each Parent / Teacher / Student Conference will be of 10 minutes duration and provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to discuss their child’s achievement.

It is not an expectation that all parents/caregivers will require an interview with our specialist teachers. Rather, we see this as an opportunity for those of you who may have children that have been inspired by their classes and want to pursue this as a subject option at secondary school, or may be seeking advice on where to go in the wider community to continue to enhance their learning in these specialised subject areas, to have an informal chat with the appropriate teacher.

Conferences will only be available in the two subject areas your child has already completed. There will be a further round of interviews later in the year for subject areas your child has still to complete.

Please book your conference online at using the code kn2rh.  Alternatively you can contact the school office on 3580548 or to make an appointment. 


School Council Update from Lilly and Bruce (Co-Chairs of School Council)

The School Council was established in Term 1, leadership positions were decided upon, and regular meetings began.

The first School Council initiative was  Relay for Life – where we participated for 24 hours, running non stop. We raised $3873.80 for the Cancer Society.  

Next several councillors attended the ANZAC Day ceremony in the Square, laying a wreath for PNINS and then we hosted the school ANZAC Assembly. We also started Kind Hearts with some help from Raewyn Marshall to promote it around our school.

Term 2

This term we introduced the School Council Noticeboard – where each of  the Councillors were introduced team by team.

We also have begun hosting the Monday and Wednesday morning school assemblies.  Five councillors joined Mrs James at the 40 Hour Famine Leadership Day in Wellington to build their skills. Recently we celebrated a Bully Free NZ week by participating in Pink Shirt Day. Shortly after all Councillors attended the National Young Leaders’ Day, where we listened to inspirational speakers from all around New Zealand.

Our next events this term for the School Council are the 40 Hour Famine (8th-10th of June) to support the children of South Sudan, as well as a Mufti Day on the 26 June where the funds will go towards the 40 Hour Famine. On Wednesday the 6th of June, The Kind Hearts Committee will attend the Kind Hearts Regional Day. Later this term the School Council are organising The School Disco on the 4th of July.

Thank you for all your support so far this year, we look forward to the exciting things we have planned ahead!


STRIKE Concert

The New Zealand group STRIKE is coming to PNINS!

STRIKE will perform at our school on Friday 8 June (week 6). STRIKE is a high energy drumming ensemble made up of New Zealand’s most outstanding percussionists.  It is an exhilarating 60 minute show that introduces a broad range of modern percussion, drawing on styles from around the world. STRIKE is also visual in performance, and is as exciting to watch as it is to listen to. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

The cost is $5.00 per child. Money needs to be handed to class teachers by Thursday 7th June



Winter Sport is now in full swing with a different Sport on every day across the week. The Number of PNINS teams has grown and we will be working hard to continue this trend.

  • Netball - 14 Teams
  • Basketball - 11 Teams
  • Hockey - 6 Teams
  • Canoe Polo - 3 Teams
  • Table Tennis - 12 Players 
  • Cross Country - 27 Runners

Also over the last 4 weeks PNINS has taken part in several events. 

Super Sport Mountain Biking which we brought home the Girls banner, Super Sport Volleyball, Manawatu Orienteering Champs and the Manfeild 6 Hour Cycle Challenge. 

Cross Country Postponement

 It is our aim that the school Cross Country will take place term 3 in week 5. Due to tree felling on our current course we have had to postpone this event.


Chocolate Fundraiser Update

What a fantastic start to the chocolate fundraising campaign of 2018.  Students have sold 250+ boxes already in just one week! Keep up the great work!  Those super prizes will be well earned.

A reminder to students to please bring your chocolate money straight to Te Tihi when you arrive at school in the morning DO NOT keep the money in your school bag all day thank you.

Further boxes of chocolates can be collected from Te Tihi daily after school.


Science Fair and Festival Week

This year will be the second time that we run the new Scifest format for our students. We are really excited about the changes as it is our aim to encourage science in a fun and meaningful manner. In previous years PNINS has run a science and technology fair in which every student completed a science board following an investigation or development of an invention of their choice.

Students will  be involved in the following ways:

  1. Any student wishing to be  selected for Manawatu Science and Technology Fair will still need to complete a full investigation in either science or technology (by solving a need or a problem). It is no longer compulsory for all students. These projects must still be on a cardboard ‘science fair’ board. These boards are on sale at the office, for $15 in five colour choices.Projects will be judged in the gym on the Thursday of Scifest 18 week.  These students will need to follow the MSTF approval poster process, and obtain approval forms and help from Mr Grady (Science specialist). This year the school has authority to issue approval for most projects.These projects will be judged during Scifest week, plus the students will be required to attend an ‘open night’ one hour session in which they will discuss their work with other parents, scientists and peers.
  2. All remaining students who do not enter for the Science & Technology Fair, must still be actively  involved in a science or technology investigation, but there is no requirement to use a board.  Teams will decide how they will develop students’ science skills in the lead-up to Scifest 18. No approval is required for these students, but they are expected to act in a safe manner, and ask an adult if they are unsure.Presentation options available for these students  will be set by their team, but may include digital, paper, photographic or other options.
  3. During Scifest 18 week, there will be free lunchtime science presentations in the school, an inter-class challenge, the opportunity to view the MSTF entries, and the MSTF entrants will be recognised at a special assembly (open to parents) and all students will present their work to their class or to a judge. All students who complete any investigation will receive a printed certificate in one of three levels- gold, silver or bronze based on criteria that they will receive in term 2.

We look forward to your support in the lead-up to Scifest 18. Any questions may be emailed to or sent via a note to Mr Grady.


2019 Camp Payments

Our current Year 7 students will be attending camp at Curious Cove located in the Marlborough Sounds in Terms 1 and 2 of next year.  The cost of this camp is estimated to be around $460 per student and we understand that this comes at a time of year when costs are high for parents and whanau.  PNINS are happy to receive weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any early contributions to student camp fees at any time between now and students departing for camp and we hope that this makes things easier for our families by being able to spread the camp cost payment over a longer time frame.  You can make payments directly into the school bank account:


02-0630 0029588 00

Please put your child’s First Initial, Surname, Room Number and the reference camp so we can allocate these payments accordingly.  You are also welcome to pay by EFTPOS at the school office. Sorry we are unable to accept credit cards through our machine.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ruawai via the office if your family might require some assistance with the costs of camp.  


Coming Events


Blue Badge Recipients


Congratulations to those who received their Blue Badges and stars this term.


Team Awards


  • Rm 1   Emree Wharehinga 
  • Rm 1   Sophie Peters
  • Rm 1   Izzy Fenn
  • Rm 2  Carys Cryer 
  • Rm 2  Nicolas Verry
  • Rm 2  Jayda Batson
  • Rm 3  Harvey Myers
  • Rm 3  Maddie Tuthill
  • Rm 3  Gousiya Gousiya


  • Rm 22    Sonya Lala
  • Rm 23    Kayden Richardson
  • Rm 23    Genevieve Bendall
  • Rm 24    Yu Jet Chen
  • Rm 24    Hamish Beals
  • Rm 24    Ella McEwan
  • Rm 27    Trans Christison
  • Rm 27    Harlyn Fairbairn
  • Rm 27    Gaby Furness


  • Rm 4   Breeana Sorensen-Tufuga
  • Rm 4   Jayden Coyle
  • Rm 5   Maraki Sorensen-Tufuga
  • Rm 5   Inayat Sohi
  • Rm 5   Tayen McGuiness
  • Rm 6  Blake Andrews
  • Rm 6  Madeleine James
  • Rm 6  Harry Gordon
  • Rm 7  Terado Bassett
  • Rm 7  Maddi West
  • Rm 7  Alex Hindmarsh


  • Rm 25     Emma Hughes
  • Rm 25     Grace Berkeley     
  • Rm 26     Issraa Elidrissi
  • Rm 26     Kylah Davis
  • Rm 26     Grace Wood
  • Rm 26     Mike Sung
  • Rm 29     Ryan Pearce
  • Rm 29     Lucas Dixon
  • Rm 29     Ashwin Kumar
  • Rm 33     Leo Mwape
  • Rm 33     CJ Reid
  • Rm 33    Pippa Kaiser


  • Rm 12     Cooper Furnell
  • Rm 12     Hayley Cornwall
  • Rm 12     Charlotte Phillips
  • Rm 13     Katie Hessell
  • Rm 13     Holly Griffin
  • Rm 13     Jasmine O'Loughlin
  • Rm 14     Liam McEwen 
  • Rm 14     Hannah Russell
  • Rm 14     Yasmine Elidrissi
  • Rm 15     Hunter Jordan
  • Rm 15     Zara Isles
  • Rm 15     Yasika Yadhuvanshi


  • Rm 34     Kyiree Smith
  • Rm 34     Joshua Wallace
  • Rm 34     Sonya Griffiths
  • Rm 35     Blake Worsley
  • Rm 35     Gaia Lowe
  • Rm 35     Jessie Coxon
  • Rm 36     Tyler Green
  • Rm 36     Stevie Bos
  • Rm 37     Johnny Rouxel
  • Rm 37     Hunter de Ridder
  • Rm 37     Jade Bull