PNINS Newsletter - 10 April 2018

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Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai


Term 1 has been an enjoyable and rewarding one for our school with most students working hard and achieving to a high level in their learning, performing arts and sporting activities.


Highlights this term include:

  • The beginning of the year parent conferences that enabled students and families to meet their teacher at the beginning of the year

  • International school visit from Chengdu

  • How well our Year 7 students have settled into their new school

  • The number of Year 8 students who have ‘stepped up’ into leadership roles within their class, their team and the school

  • The quality work produced by a large number of students

  • The high standard of most students in terms of behaviour, manners and citizenship

  • The presentation of many Team and VP Awards at our weekly Monday assemblies

  • The high performance level of students in the assemblies and school sports events

  • The number of students who took up Ultimate Challenges of developing the "Respect" poster and design of the new Jopson Shield

  • Involvement of many students in the inter class swimming relays and school swimming sports

  • The achievement and fine manner in which our students competed in Super Sports events in Softball, Cricket and Mountain Biking

  • The team day marae experience for all students on Te Marae o Hine

  • The success of our summer sports teams in local competitions and the number of students engaged in sports

  • Mike King's "I am Hope" assembly talking about resilience and confidence

  • Staff and Student Councillors participating in the “Relay for Life”

  • The election of our 2018 School Council at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School

  • The number of students putting themselves forward for sports teams and now Winter Sports Trials in Netball, Hockey and Basketball

As we conclude Term 1, we are proud of our students, Year 7 and 8, for their willingness to attempt new challenges and for the way they have represented our school this term.

I would like to thank parents, caregivers and whanau for the support and encouragement you give to your children and our school.

Special thanks to all staff for the preparation and organisation put in to their teaching, learning, sports and arts auditions this term.

Year 7/8 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

These will be held in weeks 2 and 3 of Term 2

Year 7 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Thursday 10 May 

Year 8 Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences will take place on Wednesday 16 May

Following the success of our online interview bookings for Year 7s and their families earlier this year we will again be using the online booking system. Instructions will be advised on our website on Friday.

As your child moves along the continuum towards becoming an independent learner we encourage him/her to attend this conference so that we can affirm and celebrate their achievement as well as identify the next steps in their learning.

School will close for all students at 2.00pm on these days.  

If you require your child to be supervised at school until 3pm then please advise the school office (Ph 358 0548) or


School ANZAC Assembly

An invitation is extended to parents/grandparents to attend our 2018 School ANZAC Assembly. The School ANZAC Assembly will take place in Te Tihi on Friday 13th April at 2.20pm, to remember those men and women who served their country, who fought, and especially those who fell, in this war and all subsequent wars, to give us the freedom and the life we have today in our fine land, Aotearoa – New Zealand.

We would ask parents/grandparents attending to be seated in the area beneath the sound/lighting room by 2.10pm.

Youth Plus - Rotary Club of Palmerston North

Congratulations to Damien van den Berg, Rebekah Murphy and Danielle Storrier who have all been elected as Youth Ambassadors of Rotary for 2018.  The application process was a written one followed by an interview with a panel of two Rotarians.  Essential criteria for these positions were:

  • Able to show leadership
  • Hardworking, adaptable and a team player
  • Independent and capable
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Feedback from this panel was that "It was an honour to interview the seven PNINS students.  All should be applauded for putting their hands up.  After multiple discussions and careful consideration the decision was made to elect these three candidates".  

School Fees/Donations - Due date extended to Friday  11 May 2018

Thank you to the large number of parents who have already paid their School Donation, $80; and Activity Fees, $130 ($210) qualifying for a free stationery pack valued at $35.

Due to the costs of uniforms, sports fees etc. that parents have experienced this term Mr Ruawai has agreed to extend this special offer to the end of Week 2, Term 2 Friday 11 May.

Despite what you may read in the media many schools are finding it increasingly difficult to budget within the existing Operations Grants allocated.

The school operation grant must cover all school operations including:  support staff salaries, priority maintenance, caretaking and cleaning contracts/ wages. It supplements curriculum delivery, learning support/extension programmes, and consumables associated with curriculum, administration, property, technology, etc.

The payment of your School Donation and Activity Fee enables us to provide the best in resources and equipment possible, to support the quality teaching and learning programmes in our school.

On a comparative basis nationwide our School Donation / Activity Fee is very reasonable with a number of intermediate school fees in excess of $400+.

To take up the offer of free stationery the donation and  school fees need to be paid by Friday 11 May, 2018 either via the PNINS website store,or  by automatic payment to Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, BNZ, Palmerston North, A/c Number 020630 0029588 00.  (Please state the name of the child and reason for payment in the details column), or at the School Office (Eftpos is available, sorry no credit facility on our machine).


Cadbury Chocolate Bar Fundraising

The Board of Trustees has arranged a fundraising campaign with Interworld Fundraising, to raise money towards upgrading our playground equipment.

This fundraising project will commence on Wednesday 16 May and conclude on Friday 15 June 2018.

This fundraising campaign involves the selling of Cadbury Chocolate Bars to friends, family, neighbours and the wider community.  The All Stars box comprises of 30 bars of Dairy Milk, Caramello, Moro, Crunchie, Dream, Twirl, Oreo, Perky Nana and Time Out, each bar sells for $2 ($60 per box).  All chocolate bars come packaged in convenient carry boxes.

We have budgeted on each student selling two boxes and we have negotiated the following incentives to reward his / her / your efforts:

For the students:  For each box sold the student’s name will go into the draw for one of four major prizes including a Mini IPad, 1 x $100 Plaza Vouchers,   1x $100 Rebel Sports Vouchers and a bike with a helmet.

The Top 4 sellers will also receive a choice of one of the above prizes.

In addition all students who sell more than four boxes will go into a separate draw for a $100 Plaza Voucher.

One box of chocolate bars will be distributed to each student on Wednesday 16 May when sales will begin.  Students can uplift another box once the money for the first box has been brought back to school in an envelope with his / her name and class recorded on the outside.

We recommend the product to you, and look forward to your support of this fundraising venture.

Please contact the office via phone 3580548 or email if you DO NOT wish for your child to participate.

Parents can you help?

We would appreciate the services of parents to assist with the distribution of the chocolates on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May between 1.45pm – 3.00pm, and the collection & counting of money, each day from Tuesday 12 June – Monday 18 June 2018, between 9am – 10am.  If you are able to assist, please email the office on



AIMS Games 2018

The Anchor AIMS GAMES have established themselves as the elite sporting competition for emerging adolescents in New Zealand and in 2018 offer 21 sports. It is an opportunity to compete on a national stage and our focus at PNINS is to excel in this enviornment. PNINS has consistently sent a team for a number of years and intends to do so this year. In 2017, the PNINS team brought home 10 medals which was an amazing achievement.

Mr Ruawai will be the lead person selecting and organising the PNINS team to attend this prestigious event. We will be taking a team of approximately 40 athletes across a number of codes which we are yet to decide.

Athletes, parents, coaches and managers are required to fill in a submission of why they think they should attend, listing the achievements and efforts that will see them compete at national level successfully. You will find this submission form on our Aims Games page. This needs to be completed by Friday 4 May, 4pm


Schools Road Race

On the 27th of March, Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School competed in the annual Manawatu Schools Road Race, hosted by the Manawatu Striders. We had eight P.N.I.N.S. students taking part, with four in the girls' team and four in the boys' team. We competed against a number of other intermediate schools. Altogether there were 204 runners from 18 schools. It was a three kilometre run, starting at Manawaroa Park, and going through the Esplanade, and then on the track by the river. It was a very hot and sunny day, so we had to keep rehydrating. The year seven and eight girls started first. The four of us, Kylah Gunn, Abby Thompson, Hayley Cornwall and Lucy McLean lined up on the start line ready to go. With two blows of the whistle, we were off. We ran the track while Mr Sanson was flying the drone above us. Ten minutes after the whistle, the first girl came into Manawaroa Park. The last part of the run was quite tough. It felt much longer than it should have been! We had to run into a headwind, while it was hot, and coming around the last corner felt so good. We were almost there! After crossing the finish line, we were handed a tag with a number on it and they recorded our name. P.N.I.N.S. did well, with the girls having Hayley Cornwall first, Kylah Gunn second, Lucy McLean third, and Abby Thompson fourth. We got to take home the girls' cup! Shortly after the girls finished, the boys started. It was a very close race. Bruce Izumi had a sprint finish with a boy from Longburn, and was a close second. Fergus Doolan was third, Josh Smit was fifth, and Charlie Hook  was sixth. The boys also took home the cup to add to P.N.I.N.S’s success being the first time competing in this event. We would like to thank Mr Sanson for making the day possible.

By Lucy McLean


Winter Sports Teams

Winter Sports Teams are now out and we are getting ready for the season ahead. More Info on Training times, first games, uniform and general Info will be emailed out over the Holidays. We are still short on coaches across all sports. Team are unable to play if we do not have coaches for them. Please get in touch with the Sports Office if you can coach. If you are not very sure about your coaching ability but want to give it ago we can pair you up with another team coach to work along side them and learn as you go. 
Please remember if you haven't already to make payment for your child's sport, you can do this through our website or at the school office. 

Teams have been circulated around classes and are also posted on our sports page. 


Thank You Coaches - Parents and Teachers

Through your willingness to coach a summer sports team you have ‘opened another door’ of opportunity to many of our students.

A special thanks to all those parents and teachers who have coached cricket, volleyball and Super Sports teams this term.  As a school we appreciate the support and coaching you have provided teams with during the summer sports season.

Special thanks to Mr Chris Sanson, our Sports Co-ordinator and Mrs Ruebe, our Sports Administrator for superb organisation and communication during the summer sports season.

PNINS Ski Trip

We are looking into running a Ski trip in Term 3 for students that want to experience 3 days of skiing. Numbers will be limited and there will be a cost involved with this trip.  We are asking for expressions of interests.


School Uniform Terms 2 & 3

The following are school winter uniform requirements for Terms 2 and 3.


Girls Uniform

  • Skirts

  • Short sleeve white polo shirt  with PNINS logo

  • Freyberg junior navy jersey with PNINS logo

  • Regulation plain black lace-up shoes (no Roman Sandals)

  • Long white socks worn below the knee (no ankle sports socks)

  • Navy tights are a winter option

  • Plain white, black or navy blue headband or ties

  • School jacket (optional) – to and from school

  • School Scarf only (optional to and from school).

Boys Uniform

  • Navy school shorts (boys’ shorts must be of a length on or above the knees)

  • School grey short sleeve polo shirt with PNINS logo

  • School socks with support to keep up

  • Grey school jersey with PNINS logo

  • Regulation plain black lace up shoes (No Roman Sandals) with navy school socks

  • School Jacket (optional) – to and from school

  • School Scarf only (optional to and from school)

Physical Education / Sports Uniform

  • Students are to wear the correct sports uniform only

  • Lace up sports shoes are also a requirement during all sports / physical education activities outside

All uniform items must be carefully named.  It is difficult to find owners if items are not named clearly.


  • T-Shirts are not to be worn under school uniform shirts.  If students are cold they need to wear a jersey or short sleeve V neck polyprop shirt.

  • Black lace-up shoes only.  No buckle shoes permitted.

  • Hair regulations – Please refer below.

Sunhats can be packed away until Labour Weekend.

Hair Colour

We ask students and their parents to note that our School Prospectus clearly states in the School Uniform Code of Appearance Section “Students attending this school are not permitted to display hairstyles and clothing that are fashion statements (the student’s natural hair colour only)”.  Any student arriving at school next term with a hair colour other than their natural colour, will be asked to remove the colour before coming back to school the next day.

No hair products such as wax or gel to be worn.

  • Boys – Hair to be off the face and cut so it is off the shirt collar.

  • Girls – Hair to be off the face and, if long, to be tied back with blue, black or white hair-ties.


Parent Parking - putting students at risk 

Please do not park on yellow lines outside Linton Street, South Street or College Street.

This is illegal parking and you are putting the safety of students at risk by obstructing the Kea Crossing in Linton Street, and putting student safety at risk in South Street and College Street.

The safety of all students to and from school is paramount at PNINS.


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Danielle Storrier  
  • Rm 2   Ella Wingfield-Smith  
  • Rm 3   Ave Almandoz.


  • Rm 22    Holly Mason
  • Rm 23     
  • Rm 24    Aami Sahana
  • Rm 27    Elizabeth Shingleton 


  • Rm 4    Jack Duff
  • Rm 5     Nadia Biel
  • Rm 6     Phoebe Jensen
  • Rm 7     Lachlan Fraser


  • Rm 25     Liliana Cooper     
  • Rm 26     Charlize Dorfling
  • Rm 29      
  • Rm 33    Sophie Siebert 


  • Rm 12     Tabitha Crooks
  • Rm 13     Henry Manketelow
  • Rm 14     Estelle Jacques 
  • Rm 15     Brooke Madie


  • Rm 34     Jack Wilson, Alena Carr
  • Rm 35     Ben Transom
  • Rm 36     Liam Bland
  • Rm 37     Sean Meredith