PNINS Newsletter - 12 June 2018

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Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai

It has been amazing to reflect on all the tremendous activities that our students are able to participate in. The breadth is such that we have so many students involved in the arts, sports, academia and citizenship based programmes. We aim to keep parents and families updated of these activities  through our school facebook page which has really ‘taken off’ with posts and photos added weekly.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff, parents and community organisations that support PNINS and thank you all for your time and commitment.


Happy Hour

We held our first ‘happy hour’ afternoon on Friday 1st June with every student participating in a wide range of learning experiences. Students were highly motivated and engaged with the second session to be held this Friday. Students will have an opportunity to participate in more ‘Happy Hour ‘ sessions in term three. A key feature of the programme is for students to experience a range of different activities that they may have not tried before.


Term 2 learning focus -  ‘It All Started With a BIG Bang!’

This term is all aimed at providing learning experiences related to how science and technology play significant roles in our lives. We intend to provide students with  opportunities to deepen their understanding and passion for these subject areas which can lead to a career.

All students have been experiencing a range of activities designed to engage them in their upcoming science investigations. Teams have visited the Foxton Museum, local streams and Mount Bruce Bird Sanctuary.

5 Keys to Success

At PNINS we believe that the 5 Keys to Success are critical if students are to be successful at PNINS. As students focus on Science & Technology they will also be focused on using the the PERSISTENCE and ORGANISATION keys.


  • Optimism - Even when things are hard to do you can do it!
  • Giving effort - The harder you try the greater your success
  • Working through - To be successful sometimes you have to do things that are not easy


  • Setting goals  - Plan the steps to realise your goals
  • Planning time - Plan enough time to get the task done

The aim of this programme is to reinforce the five keys to success and to encourage students to develop positive ways of thinking (‘Habits of the Mind’).

Teacher's Stopwork Meeting - Thursday, 28 June 2018

A reminder that school will be finishing early on 28 June 2018 at 1pm.  If you require supervision for your child please contact the school office. 

Mid Year Uniform Check

From this week we will be having a mid year uniform check to ensure that our high standards are kept. At this age students grow quite rapidly, and therefore, uniforms may need to be adjusted to accommodate this.

We will be doing a whole school check and students whose uniform does not meet our expectations will receive a reminder letter. Some areas that we will be focusing on will be the little things such as socks, hair, skirt length, shoes, hair ties etc. We thank parents for supporting our school and our grooming expectations.

Rotary Speech Competition

P.N Rotary held their Intermediate Speech Festival recently, and PNINS was very well represented by Eilidh MacKay. She entertained the adult audience with her speech on Digital. It was an interesting perspective from the younger generation for the Rotarians!

Chocolate Fundraiser Update

Our chocolate fundraiser finishes this Friday, 15 June.  Students have put in a huge effort and we are excited that all of the boxes we had to sell have gone out into our community.  There are 500 boxes currently with our families so make the most of your last couple of days of selling these and please return all of your money and any unsold chocolates on or before Friday.  We thank the students for their tremendous efforts and our community for their support.

Ikatere Team Assembly

Last Friday we were treated to an amazing assembly by the Ikatere team based around the theme “it's our place ” our special place in the world. With a high number of parents and family members in attendance they were entertained by a stunning performance that was created, produced and performed by the students.

Every two years each team will perform an assembly with Manawanui, Rangitane and Ikatere in 2018 and Tangaroa, Kahukura and Arataki planned for 2019. Emphasis is placed on allowing as many students as possible to share their skills, talents and knowledge with a large audience.



Throughout the year we have staff changes for a variety of reasons such as travelling overseas, maternity leave, promotion etc and this term we announce the following:

  • Room 12 - We farewelled Mrs Amy Young last week as she takes a teaching position in China. Amy has been an outstanding teacher at PNINS and we wish her well on her overseas adventure.  Ms Lisa Ahern will be moving from Room 36 to take up the teaching in Room 12 with Ms Millie Pivac who will be teaching on Fridays

  • Room 36 - With Ms Lisa Ahern moving to Room 12, we welcome Miss Mary Siu back to PNINS . Miss Siu has been a teacher on and off at PNINS for a number of years and brings with her a wealth of experience at this age level

  • We are pleased to announce the new Team Leader for Manawanui which has been filled by Patrick Hurly. Patrick is currently a Team Leader at Terrace End School and brings with him over 10 years teaching experience. We welcome Patrick to the PNINS team and look forward to him starting at the beginning of Term 3

Nga Tohunga Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

Reminder you can still book your interviews online for Thursday 14 June 2018 with our technology teachers at using the booking code kn2rh

ICAS Examinations

At PNINS we offer an opportunity to participate in the ICAS assessments. These assessments are from the university of New South Wales of Australia and  allow our students to measure themselves against students globally with 20 other countries.

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.

 All ICAS tests are reviewed by experienced teachers to ensure that they accurately assess students’ skills and are relevant to what they are learning at school. Administration Guidelines are provided to the schools with the ICAS papers to ensure that the same conditions are afforded to all students sitting ICAS.

Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

If you would like further information about ICAS please refer to the following website.

The next round of ICAS assessments are as follows.

  • 13 June ICAS - Spelling
  • 14 June ICAS - Writing

40 Hour Famine

The 40 hour famine was held last weekend.  Well done to all our PNINS participants.  A reminder that all booklets and money are due back in by Friday,  22 June 2018.  



Uniform Check. 

As we are undertaking a uniform check throughout the school, this is also including sports uniform. All teams will be checked that every player has correct uniform and any player found without the correct uniform wont be able to play. 

Super Sport Hockey

On Wednesday the 30th of May the super sport hockey team went to the  twin turfs to play 6, 30 minute games of hockey.

Josh Smit - Boys team report

As the PNINS teams set up the turfs, schools from further afield started to arrive. At 9:15am the hooter blew for the first game.  The PNINS Boys were playing Whanganui; the last year’s Super Sport defending champions. The game was fierce but we came away with a 7 - 1 victory.
After an early bye we ventured back onto the turf and found our rivals, Ross waiting for us. Straight away things started to heat up with illegal play, lifted balls as well as injuries on both sides. With the rules clarified play resumed. We finished off the match with a 4 - 1 victory. After a hard fought win we were back to bros on the sideline.
Next came Masterton. They were our biggest competition of the day. After watching their earlier games we knew we had to fight for this one. Masterton was off to an early 1 - 0 lead until the last few seconds before half-time when we pulled out an equalizer. During the second half we came back strong leading 5 - 1 but Masterton were pulling back, 5 - 2, 5 - 3, 5 - 4. We played the best we could and…  fortunately we won.
By this time we were flagging and needed a quick energy boost. After we downed some cookies we were ready for the next three games. St Peters, Feilding and Monrad gave it their best but all lost by a very large margin.

We came away with the win and the Super Sport Boys Banner.

Amber Trow - Girls team report

Our first game was against Whanganui Intermediate. 9-2 to us, it was a good start to the day. As the day went on our 2nd game was against Ross. We knew that this was going to be a tough game so we pulled everything out of the bag but it just wasn’t enough to beat them. The score was 3-2 to them. We were disappointed but we knew we had to keep going.
The next game was against Masterton Intermediate School. We started off with a BANG 3-1 to us at half time but in the second half they came back strong with the score of 4-3 to them. 
The last three games were against St Peters , Feilding Intermediate and Monrad Intermediate . We won them all but the best score of the day was against Monrad Intermediate which was 12-1 to us. 
Overall, 1st was Masterton, 2nd was Ross and PNINS girls were third. Even though we came back with a third  place , we had a fantastic day out at the turfs playing as a team.

We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Baker and Misss Marfell  for coaching the teams, and Mr Sanson who organised a great tournament and made this day possible!

Super Sport Badminton 

On Wednesday 6th June six PNINS students headed to Ross for the Super Sport Badminton competition.

The boys team made up of four players Joonoh Rhee, Finis Zhang, Jason Gui and Andy Lin played six games in a round robin winning every game. 

The girls team of two players  Yu tong Ma and Thimansa Weeratunga played two games in their pool winning both games which put them into a final against Ross.

They both had to play extremely well to hold off Ross which they did winning 3-2.

So for another year PNINS takes home both the Boys and Girls banners for Super Sport Badminton. 

Payment of Sports Fees

If you have not paid your sports fees for your child's winter sport, now is the time to do so. Reminders will be sent out next week.

You can make a payment through our school website or by paying at the school office. If you are not sure when you can make a payment please get in touch with the sports office and we can talk to you about some different options that might suit you to ensure your child continues to enjoy sport at PNINS.

AIMS Games

Every year there is a National sporting event held in September based in Tauranga called the AIMS games. There are 21 sports available for students of year 7 & 8 to participate in and PNINS has attended since its inception. This year we have selected our AIMS team early so they can participate in a three month programme designed to better prepare them for this event. Criteria to be considered for selection has involved those who can compete at regional and national levels. This year we had 103 applications and have selected a team consisting of 44 athletes. Each week these students will be doing strength and conditioning training, be involved with guest speakers around nutrition, flexibility and mental approaches to well-being and attend a three day Resilience Camp.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following athletes who have been selected to represent PNINS at this year’s AIMS games in Tauranga next September.

Hayley Cornwall

Bruce Izumi

Cooper Furnell

Brianna Gorrie

Johnny Rouxel

Charlie Hook

Josh Smit

Amber Trow

Lucy McLean

Alex Willis

Kylah Gunn

Jason Gui

Finis Zhang

Joonoh Rhee

Andy Lin

Ethan Forman

Jacob Booth

Hamish Edmunds

Danielle Storrier

Quinlan Huff

Carter Rhodes-Robinson

Ian Tsui

Thomas van Rysewyk

Max O'Connor

Zak Lee

Jessie Coxon

Thomas McInnes

Lara Carson

Joshua Mulcahy

Hunter Easton

Hazel Gregg

Joseph Nicol

Eden Motley

Tom Brown

Jayden Coyle

Caleb Sanko

Aleisha Cheetham

Lara Smith

Thomas Duncan

Cole Phillips

Alex Odom

Ella Greaves

Abby Thompson

April Holman


PNINS Mid-week movie night fundraiser

The PNINS Cycling team this year is traveling to Christchurch for the National Schools Cycling Championships at the end of term 3. 

Next Wednesday 20th June they are hosting a movie night in Ti Tihi to raise funds for this trip. 

This movie night is open to PNINS students and family members. 

Tickets are $10 which can be paid for through the school website or at the office. 

Doors open at 6pm with the movie starting at 6.30pm. 

This will be a surprise movie!

The movie shown will be PG rated and screened by staff before hand. 
If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch with the sports office. 

Science Fair and Science Festival Week

This year will be the second time that we run the new Scifest format for our students. We are really excited about the changes as it is our aim to encourage science in a fun and meaningful manner. In previous years PNINS has run a science and technology fair in which every student completed a science board following an investigation or development of an invention of their choice.

Students will  be involved in the following ways:

  • Any student wishing to be  selected for Manawatu Science and Technology Fair will still need to complete a full investigation in either science or technology (by solving a need or a problem). It is no longer compulsory for all students. These projects must still be on a cardboard ‘science fair’ board. These boards are on sale at the office, for $15 in five colour choices.Projects will be judged in the gym on the Thursday of Scifest 17 week.
  • These students will need to follow the MSTF approval poster process, and obtain approval forms and help from Mr Grady (Science specialist). This year the school has authority to issue approval for most projects.These projects will be judged during Scifest week, plus the students will be required to attend an ‘open night’ one hour session in which they will discuss their work with other parents, scientists and peers.
  • All remaining students who do not enter for the Science & Technology Fair, must still be actively  involved in a science or technology investigation, but there is no requirement to use a board.
  • Teams will decide how they will develop students’ science skills in the lead-up to Scifest 18. No approval is required for these students, but they are expected to act in a safe manner, and ask an adult if they are unsure.Presentation options available for these students  will be set by their team, but may include digital, paper, photographic or other options.
  • During Scifest 18 week, there will be free lunchtime science presentations in the school, an inter-class challenge, the opportunity to view the MSTF entries, and the MSTF entrants will be recognised at a special assembly (open to parents) and all students will present their work to their class or to a judge.

All students who complete any investigation will receive a printed certificate in one of three levels- gold, silver or bronze based on criteria that they will receive in term 2.

We look forward to your support in the lead-up to Scifest 18. Any questions may be emailed to or sent via a note to Mr Grady.


2019 Camp Payments

Our current Year 7 students will be attending camp at Curious Cove located in the Marlborough Sounds in Terms 1 and 2 of next year.  The cost of this camp is estimated to be around $460 per student and we understand that this comes at a time of year when costs are high for parents and whanau.  PNINS are happy to receive weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any early contributions to student camp fees at any time between now and students departing for camp and we hope that this makes things easier for our families by being able to spread the camp cost payment over a longer timeframe.  You can make payments directly into the school bank account:


02-0630 0029588 00

Please put your child’s First Initial, Surname, Room Number and the reference camp so we can allocate these payments accordingly.  You are also welcome to pay by EFTPOS at the school office. Sorry we are unable to accept credit cards through our machine.  

If you start paying $10 a week now camp costs would be covered by the time the students depart.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ruawai via the office if your family might require some assistance with the costs of camp.  


Coming Events


Team Awards



  • Rm 1   Dima Abbas
  • Rm 2  Patricia Saulon
  • Rm 3  Olivia Prescott


  • Rm 22    Hamish Edmunds
  • Rm 23    Bethany Sellwood
  • Rm 24    Gia Mae Sunga
  • Rm 27    Isaac Luoni


  • Rm 4    Emma McKinnon
  • Rm 5    Hudson Aish
  • Rm 6    Zac Morton
  • Rm 7    Tom McInnes


  • Rm 25    Rume Kearney
  • Rm 26    Gracie Eames
  • Rm 29    Misima Fifita-Tovo
  • Rm 33   Damien van den Berg


  • Rm 12     Eleanor Barber
  • Rm 13     Payton Baker
  • Rm 14     Holly Rendel 
  • Rm 15     Cooper Ryan


  • Rm 34    Devon Barr
  • Rm 35    Josh Mulcahy
  • Rm 36   Charlotte Cobham
  • Rm 37   Van Prenter