PNINS Newsletter - 27 February 2018


Kia ora koutou.  Nau mai haere mai


The 2018 school year is off to an impressive start with students settling quickly into good learning routines.

Congratulations to:

  • our Year 7 and new Year 8 students who have adapted quickly to their new school, and school expectations (The Intermediate Normal Way).

  • our Year 8 students who have taken on their role as senior students in a very positive, responsible way.

  • new staff who have thrived in their new school environment, building strong relationships with students, colleagues and parents.

Newsletters -

Newsletters at PNINS are sent out every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday. The newsletter provides a vital communication link between the school and its community.  It serves to inform you of school programmes, share and celebrate the success and achievement of students and staff, report on and highlight past and future school events, and provides an update from Teams.

This year we will be placing the newsletter online through our website, Facebook page and school app. This will enable parents and community members to access it anytime and anywhere where there is internet connectivity.

A paper copy will only be sent out to those families who request them and we ask that parents inform the school office to let them know.

Social media - We have a very active school Facebook page that is updated regularly, providing up to date information regarding upcoming events and celebrating the wonderful achievements of our students, staff and their families. Please take the time to follow our page!




At PNINS there are so many sporting, performing arts and academic opportunities for students to participate  in.  At Year 7 & 8 students are expected to pay close attention to when and where they are needed to register their interest.  Each week we have whole school communication and sports assemblies, followed up by daily reminders to ensure students get the necessary information. However, students can still miss these notices and it is important that we encourage them to ask when they are unsure. These years are extremely important for students to try a range of activities that may uncover future passions. So let's make the most of them!


Our School Values

At our last assembly we heard about the 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS which is very much embedded in the philosophy of PNINS.  The main purpose is to support communities, schools, and homes in a collective effort to optimise the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of all young people. Its unique contribution is in identifying the social and emotional capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful in school, experience well being, and have positive relationships including making contributions to others and the community (good citizenship).

YCDI’s core purpose is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including:

  • Confidence(academic, social)

  • Persistence

  • Organisation

  • Getting Along

  • Resilience.


Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) 

A daily 15 minute period of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) takes place Monday to Friday from 1.45pm to 2.00pm.During this period all students, staff (and visitors) will engage in SSR.  

Reading has been preselected for this period.

Students are free to access books from our school library and I would encourage all students to become members of the PN City Library (if they are currently not members.)


Behaviour Management Plan

In this week’s newsletter is a copy of our ‘Behaviour Management Plan’ outlining the school’s expectations in terms of student attitude and behaviour.  This highlights the school’s, students’, and parents’ responsibilities in Behaviour Management.


Bullying and Harassment

Enclosed in today’s newsletter is our policy on ‘Bullying and Harassment’.
There is no school in New Zealand where an element of bullying does not take place.
he challenge for all schools is not to deny that bullying occurs but to put in place policy, procedures and programmes to deal with this form of behaviour.


School Swimming Sports

FRIDAY 2ND MARCH - Our School Swimming Sports will take place on Friday, 2 March at two venues.

  • Swimming, Championship Events – Lido, 10am – approximately 2.30pm

  • Swimming, Non-Championship Events – School Pool, 10.45am – 1.00pm

An invitation is extended to parents/caregivers to support students in action at both venues. Your presence adds to the wonderful atmosphere of these events.

This year we will be trialing a new live feed and updates to our website and Facebook page with action throughout the day. Keep an eye out for this on friday. 


School Road Safety

Parents' responsibilities when picking up students - With 730 plus students entering and exiting our entrances each day, we are very safety conscious with regard to the use of cars, bikes and buses.

Your co-operation with the following, as vehicle drivers, is essential in keeping our entrances as safe as possible for students.

South Street / College Street / Linton Street

  • Keep clear of yellow lines (no parking, or stopping to drop off or collect students)

  • Keep clear of cones on South street (no parking by signs / between cones)

  • No Entry into South Street / Linton Street Entrances between 8.15am – 8.45am; 2.45pm – 3.30pm each day

  • Keep clear of corners

  • No stopping on bus stops  or in neighbours’ driveways  

  • No stopping in the Liquor King Carpark or the Copthorne Hotel carpark (These are private carparks and must not be used)

  • Please refrain from doing a U-turn outside the gate in South Street / College Street or Linton Street, for the safety of other road users.


The vast majority of parents are very supportive of the above traffic rules and arrange for their child to meet them down the road rather than outside the school gate.

However, each year there are a few parents who simply ignore yellow lines/no parking areas thus putting our students and themselves at risk.  Please do not park in our school neighbours’ entrances.

The safety of students whether they walk, cycle, bus, or are dropped off by parents is paramount. Your support of the above will help to keep our surrounding streets safe for students and thus minimise risks.


School Uniform Expectations

It is an expectation that students wear our uniform correctly to and from school i.e. shirts tucked in, sandals worn correctly, socks up, etc.

All children are required to go home first and not go up town in uniform unless they are with their parent/ caregiver.  If your child is up town with you please ensure that they are wearing their uniform correctly including sandals or shoes and socks.


Payment of School Donation/Activity Fee/Stationery

As outlined in the school's prospectus last year the Board of Trustees has approved a voluntary family donation of $80.00 per child and in addition an Activity Fee of $130.00. In total $210 per child is requested.

There is much publicity about “free education”. The reality for schools is the funds that are received from the Ministry of Education provide a basic model. For our school to provide high quality education at a reasonable cost a contribution from parents is needed. This is sought through subject contributions so students receiving the benefits contribute to the costs.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School is very proud of its personalised learning evidenced by exceptional academic results and student engagement which are in part a result of being able to put the extra funds received into its school programme (Nga Tohunga, Performing Arts, Sport etc).  We endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.

This year, the Board of Trustees has decided that parents / caregivers who pay the School Donation and Activity Fee by the end of March will have their stationery  pack (valued at $35) free.

Note: To get this benefit both the school donation and activity fee must be paid together ($210).



Term 1 sport is well underway with 50 teams across 7 sports. 
Thank you to those that enrolled in sport through our website. This is a new process for PNINS and we will be developing this more over the year. 

Over the next week we will be checking payments of sports Fee and following up on unpaid fees. Payments can be made through our Online Store or at the school office. 

Signing in at Training and Games - This year all students now need to sign in when they arrive at training and games. If your child can't make a training session or game we have a quick online form you will need to fill in before that session. This means our coaches know who will and won't be turning up and can plan accordingly. You will find the Sports Absence form on the sport page on our website and soon to be added to our School App.

Keeping our students safe at sport is paramount.   We encourage you to have a clear pickup plan from their game/training with your children, and to have a conversation about what they should do if you haven’t arrived at the agreed time or place. 

Horse Riding

Horse riding at Nga Tawa is back for 2018. This will involve parents taking students out to Nga Tawa to ride with their trainers.
If you are interested in taking part in this please let us know by filling in the quick form below and we will send you out more information.
Spaces will be limited. 

PNINS at Weetbix Triathlon

This year PNINS will be supporting kids taking part in the Weetbix Kids Triathlon on 20 March. 
When you enter for this event through the Weetbix Kids Triathlon Website you can link to our school. 
If you have already entered you can go into your entry and link to PNINS.

If your child is taking part we ask all students to arrive in their PE gear and have this on when they are not wearing their Weetbix shirt. 

All students taking part will need to let us know they are out of school for the morning. You can do so below. 

Sport Event Permission

Students at PNINS take part in lots of different sporting events over the year like Super Sport. All Permission forms for these events are now through our website. You will find this form on the Sports Page under Super Sport. Emails go out once your child has made a team but if for some reason you know your child has made a team and you have not received an email please head to the Sports Page and fill in the form.

New Sport at PNINS

water polo juniors - 6.jpg

This year with the help of the new Manawatu Water Polo club PNINS has started playing Water Polo. 

We have had a great uptake and now fielding three teams with one of those teams playing in the College grade. 

If you think this might be you please come and talk to the team in the Sports Office.


Class Swim Relays

Well done to Room 23 for taking out the Class Swim Relay. 
Below is some Video of the relay form our new School Drone which will be out at all our school events.



Performing Arts

Currently auditions are underway for five of our main Friday Performing Arts groups: Kapa Haka, Choir, Orchestra, Dance and Drama. Auditions for Pasifika will begin on Friday 9 March(week 6) now that Mrs Spriggs is back. Auditions for Rock Band get under way next week during the lunch hours. All students auditioning for any of the performing arts groups need to keep listening to the Normal Notices for instructions on when and where to go.

Nga Tohunga

The first rotations of our specialist subjects for 2018 are well underway. This year the students are participating in Science, Music, Food Technology, Hard Materials, InfoCom (informative communication) and Visual Art. This year the school has purchased a new laser cutter and classes attending Hard Materials will be learning how to use this fantastically versatile piece of equipment. During the course of 2018 all students at PNINS will participate in all of these subjects by rotation.

Team Awards


  • Rm 1 Abbie Taylor
  • Rm 2 Maria Reji
  • Rm 3 Jacob Duker


  • Rm 22 Joel Fountain
  • Rm 23 James Rattanak
  • Rm 24 Amber Trow
  • Rm 27 Renae Adrian


  • Rm 4 Mason Teitinga
  • Rm 5 Hudson Aish
  • Rm 6 Matthew Cook
  • Rm 7 Toby Rea


  • Rm 25 Maya Funez-McLennan
  • Rm 33 Harriet Taylor


  • Rm 12 Holly Veale
  • Rm 13 Liam Allen
  • Rm 14 Louis Duckworth
  • Rm 15 Romesa Zupair


  • Rm 34 Riveen Samarasekara
  • Rm 35 Skylah Marshall
  • Rm 36 Thet Min Cho Aung
  • Rm 37 William Bovey