PNINS Newsletter - 13th February 2018


Kia ora koutou, nau mai haere mai,


Welcome to the 2018 school year and what an amazing start it has been as we have welcomed 389 new students and their families to PNINS with a starting roll of 730 students. With such a large roll it has been very important that we connect with families and students as soon as possible and have therefore started the year differently.

The parent conferences on the first two days have been hugely beneficial as we held 367 conferences where teachers were able to begin building a strong relationship between home and school. We have received a staggering amount of positive feedback about the conferences and teachers have really benefited from hearing about the passions, hobbies and interests that students and their families have. We would like to congratulate all those families that attended and booked using the new online system, as it was an effective way of coordinating these appointments. We will aim to use this online platform for future interviews this year.

Class changes for 2018

Most year 7 students from 2017 will remain with their current teacher and class for 2018.  However, a few students have moved classes for a number of reasons:

  • new staff at PNINS in 2018
  • balancing out the number of year 7 and year 8 students and the genders in each class
  • parent and/or teacher requests
  • senior management decisions

Whatever the reason for the change, it is important for students and parents to take the change as a positive opportunity for the student’s final year at intermediate.


Newsletters at PNINS are sent out every two weeks usually on a Tuesday. The newsletter provides a vital communication link between the school and its community.  It serves to inform you of school programmes, share and celebrate the success and achievement of students and staff, report on and highlight past and future school events, and provide an update from our teaching teams.

This year we will be placing the newsletter online through our website, facebook page and school app. This will enable parents and community members to access it anytime and anywhere where there is internet connectivity.

A paper copy will only be sent out to those families who request them and we ask that parents inform the school office to let us know.

Social Media

We have a very active school facebook page that is updated regularly, providing up to date information regarding upcoming events and celebrating the wonderful achievements of our students, staff and their families. Please take the time to follow our page!

Sport and Performing Arts

We are now asking students to register their interest to participate in the sports and performing arts programmes and this year you are able to do this through the school website. All year 7 students were shown how to do this during their conference and year 8 students will be shown by their teachers. Students can also do this at school for those that require help and who may not have access to the internet at home.

Performing Arts

As mentioned this will be done through the website and  during the course of this term we will be running auditions for each of the six performing arts groups at PNINS. These groups are: Kapa Haka, Pasifika, Choir, Drama, Dance and Orchestra. While all students at PNINS are eligible to audition for these groups if they desire, we would like to take this opportunity to point out that not everyone will necessarily be accepted into these groups as places are limited due to size of available rehearsal venues as well as number restrictions placed on our Taradale Intermediate performing arts exchange as well as Super Arts events. There will however, be additional opportunities in some of the disciplines presented throughout the year, such as auditions for places in the school rock band which is a lunchtime based activity . I am looking forward to working with a large number of our students in the Performing Arts at PNINS throughout 2018. - Barry Jones


Once again these will be completed through the website and we have the following summer sports available this term. More information around cost, playing and training times are also available through the school website.

  • Cricket
  • Golf croquet
  • Touch Rugby
  • Hockey (summer)
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Water Polo

Welcome to our Staff

We welcome six new members to the teaching staff  in 2018.

  • Miss Natalie Dean who is teaching in Room 4 and is a member of Ikatere Team
  • Mrs Mia Mason who is teaching in Room 3 and is a member of Arataki Team
  • Ms Ahnna Stewart  who is teaching in Room 34 and is a member of Manawanui Team
  • Miss Lisa Ahern  who is teaching in Room 36 and is a member of Manawanui Team
  • Miss Jo Donaldson who is teaching in Room 26 and is a member of Kahukura Team
  • Miss Emma Baker who is teaching in Room 22 and is  a member of Tangaroa Team

Arataki Team

  • R1 Joanne Parker (TL) 
  • R2 Vicki-Marie Buchanan
  • R3 Mia Mason

Tangaroa Team

  • R22 Emma Baker
  • R23 Barb Pritchard (TL)
  • R24 Matt Budd
  • R27 Sarah Lonsdale

Ikatere Team 

  • R4 Natalie Dean
  • R5 Mayana Karena
  • R6 Ashleigh Marfell
  • R7 Sarah Walker (TL)

Kahukura Team

  • R25 Tim McLay
  • R26 Jo Donaldson
  • R29 Deb McDonald (TL)
  • R33 Alison McRae

Rangitane Team

  • R12 Amy Young (TL)
  • R13 Finn Barnett
  • R14 Maria Donald
  • R15 Kaye Webber

Manawanui Team

  • R34 Ahnna Stewart
  • R35 Katherine Wills (Acting TL)
  • R36 Lisa Ahern/ Milly Pivac
  • R37 Jono Hicks

Nga Tohunga (Specialist) Team

  • Barry Jones (TL) - Music
  • Helen Fotheringham - Food Technology
  • Jeff Smith – Hard Materials technology
  • Gillian Collett – Informative Communication (InfoCom)
  • Jackie Spriggs – Visual Art
  • Warwick Grady – Science

Arohanui Team (Learning Support)

  • Jane Walker – SENCO
  • Anna Stephenson – PLD Coach/ Maths Hub
  • Leanne Green – Reading Hub
  • Maryanne Kensington - Writing Hub
  • Barbara Drake – ESOL Hub

Teacher Aides Social Worker

  • Roxane Freeman
  • Belinda Ruebe
  • Sheryll Sinclair
  • Julie Khan
  • Suzanne Frickleton

Social Worker

  • Courtney Murphy

Sports Coordinator

  • Chris Sanson

Administration Team

  • Heidi Rea - Principal’s Secretary
  • Ann Claasen – School Secretary
  • Nicola McFarlane – Administrative Assistant

Library Team

  • Judine Knowles – Librarian
  • Judith-Ann McKenna – Library Assistant


  • Geoff Phillips – Caretaker / Groundsman

Senior Management

  • Principal – Hamish Ruawai
  • Deputy Principal – Vicki James
  • Assistant Principal - Maryanne Kensington

School Donations and Activity Fee

A voluntary family donation of $80.00 per child and in addition an Activity Fee of $130.00. In total $210 per child is requested.

The Activity fee pays for the materials children use in specialist technology rooms, IT consumables and resources, and the range of extra-curricular learning and cultural programmes that this school provides its students.

Although the donation is voluntary we do urge you to pay. The Ministry grant is simply not enough to cover the funding of all that we offer at this school.

you can pay the School Donation and after school fees at the PNINS Online Store

School Stationery

As in the past, all students have been given a pack that includes all school stationery requirements your child will need.      The cost per pack is $35 and includes the Student Log Book, Clearfiles, portfolio clearfiles etc.  

This year, the Board of Trustees has decided that for parents/caregivers who pay the School Donation and Activity Fee by end of Term 1, the stationery pack valued at $35 will be free.

Note: To get this benefit both the school donation and activity fee must be paid together ($210)

Daily School Times 2018

For 2018 the school’s daily times will be the same as last year to maximise morning teaching/learning times and reduce what can be a busy lunchtime for some students.

The following will be our daily times in 2018:

  • Starting Time - 8.45am
  • Teaching Block 1 - 8.45am – 10.45am
  • Morning interval - 10.45am – 11.15am
  • Teaching Block 2 - 11.15am – 1.00pm
  • Lunchtime - 1.00pm – 1.45pm
  • Teaching Block 3 - 1.45pm – 3.10pm

Note: The PNINS school day starts at 8.45am not at 9.00am like a number of primary schools. It is an expectation that all PNINS students are at school by  8.30am to allow time to unpack their bags and ready themselves for learning at 8.45am.   If your child is late they must report to the school office with a note from their parent stating the reason for lateness.

Cell Phones at School

Students are not permitted to bring cell phones to school.
Our school office phone is available up to 4.00pm for any urgent calls.
If it is necessary on the odd occasion for your child to bring a cell phone to school then we require you to fill in our Cell Phone form.   The phone is to be handed into the office on your child’s arrival at school in the morning.  The cell phone can be collected from the office at the end of the school day, at 3.10pm.
Any student found with a cell phone in their possession during school hours will be required to take it to the school office for their parents to collect and parents will be required to collect the cell phone from the school office.

Nga Tohunga Technology Footwear

For Specialist Technology Programmes, children are to wear black lace up leather shoes with school socks (Health & Safety requirement). Wearing sports shoes/ black slipper shoes are not acceptable.  
Note:  these are not T-bar shoes, or canvas shoes.

Swimming Dress Code

For 2018 the following dress code is required in our school pool.

  • All swimwear must be made of swimwear material.
  • No T-shirts, boxer shorts or underwear to be worn
  • Health and hygiene concerns - no boxers or street wear.  
  • Need for modesty – with an element of choice within the above guidelines.
  • Filtration concerns - hair product / fibres blocking the system.

Lunch Time Swimming

This term we will begin lunchtime swims for students in order to help deal with the current hot temperatures. The pool will be available at the following time 1.15 - 1.40 on the following days.

  • Monday = Boys
  • Tuesday = Girls
  • Wednesday = Boys
  • Thursday = Girls

Students Travel to and from School

The streets surrounding the school are extremely busy during peak traffic times. Considerable thought has been put into Palmerston North Intermediate School’s guidelines into arriving and departing from school safely.

Please study and discuss these maps with your child and select the most suitable route.





Because of the danger of Ferguson Street, students should only cross Ferguson Street at a controlled crossing ie. Pitt Street (school patrollers) or Fitzherbert Avenue (lights).


  • Cyclists may not use the Linton Street entrance.
  • A lockup compound is available for bikes; however, all cyclists are advised to lock their bike within the compound.
  • No vest, no helmet = no biking to school.
  • Cyclists coming down Pitt Street need to dismount at the Pitt Street / Church Street lights, WALK across the crossing then continue to walk all the way down Pitt Street to South Street,  along the footpath around the corner to use the South Street pedestrian crossing to come into the school.

All the best for a safe cycling year.  We encourage all students to walk or cycle to school where practicable.

Hair Expectations

Existing regulations relating to hair include: (as per School Prospectus 2018)

Boys – Hair to be off the face and cut so it is off the shirt collar, and out of the eyes.

Girls – Hair to be off the face and, if long, to be tied back.

  • No hair styles that are fashion statements eg beaded braids in hair, rats tails, etc.  (Refer to School Uniform Code of Appearance, Pg 19, of the School Prospectus).
  • The student’s natural hair colour only is permitted – no dyes, highlights, streaks.
  • No hair gel, wax or similar hair product.
  • Only white, black or navy blue hair ties are to be worn

Sunsense - Hats and Sunscreen

Please encourage your child to use sunblock.
Sunhats are compulsory and part of our school uniform from Labour Weekend through to Easter.
It is an expectation that all children wear the correct sunhat at interval, lunchtime and when outside participating in sports sessions.

  • The white or blue school sun hat with a brim provides the best protection, although plain blue or white bucket hats are permitted.
  • This year we have sports caps available from the office($25) that may be used during sports events and activities during lunchtime. However, the wide brim bucket hat is used otherwise.

Class Photos

Class photos are on Thursday 15 February. Envelopes will go home with your child to be returned on the day of their photograph.  Brendan Lodge will take orders up until 23 February 2018.

Upcoming Events

15 February   Class Photos

28 February Supersport Softball

7 March   Supersport Tennis

13/14 March Immunisations

14 March Interschool Triathlons