Education Outside the Classroom – School Camps

Experiences Outside The Classroom provide opportunities for all children to develop skills in outdoor pursuits focusing on survival techniques, adventure challenges, enjoyment and risk management of these activities. 

Our EOTC Programme is also used to extend experiences in the academic fields e.g. Science, English, Mathematics, Technology, The Arts, and Social Sciences.

School Camps are planned on a two-year cycle so that no class attends expensive camps on consecutive years. Teams or classes may raise money to meet costs for camps or field trips with the support of Team parents.

On even years a minor Team camp takes place and Teams will make use of localised camp sites. These camps are low cost, (approx $70), centred around the Manawatu Region and usually of 1-2 nights in duration.

On odd years, each team engages in a major camp based at either Curious Cove Camp or Mistletoe Bay Camp in the Marlborough Sounds. These are expensive camps but value for money. The cost is approximately $460 per student.

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