The correct uniform is to be worn at all times. It is expected that a standard of neat and tidy presentation will be maintained at all times.

Named Clothing:

Please ensure that all items of clothing are named. A name in each item gives a clear indication and definite proof of ownership. School uniforms are very expensive and easily mislaid, especially when not named.

Girls’ Uniform:

  • Skirts: blue and white hounds tooth, to be worn all year round (skirt length must be conservative)
  • White polo shirt with school logo.
  • Freyberg junior navy jersey with logo
  • Regulation plain black leather lace-up shoes with long white socks (worn to a height just below the knee) (terms 2 & 3)
  • Black / brown roman sandals (terms 1 & 4 only)
  • Navy tights are a winter option (terms 2 & 3)
  • Plain white or navy blue headband or hair ties
  • Sunhat

Boys’ Uniform:

  • Cotton drill or serge navy shorts (boys shorts must be of a length on or above the knee)
  • School grey polo shirt with school logo.
  • School socks with support to keep up - e.g. garters
  • Grey school jersey with school logo
  • Regulation plain black leather lace up shoes with navy school socks. (terms 2 & 3)
  • Black or brown roman sandals (terms 1 & 4 only)
  • Sunhat


The school sunhat is part of our summer school uniform and is to be worn when the student is outside (from Labour Weekend to Easter). Sunhats are available for purchase from the school office or Gillespies (plain navy or white slouch, or bucket hats only). Note: Caps are not part of our school uniform.

School Jacket

A school jacket (windproof and showerproof) can be purchased (separately if wished from Academy Apparel), for wearing to and from school, and at sports events. The school jacket can also be worn outside by students on cold days at interval and lunchtime. No other jacket is permitted to be worn at school.

School Scarves:

  • School Scarves – may only be worn to and from school, outdoors at school (terms 2 & 3)

PE Uniform

Sports shoes with ankle sports socks must be worn during PE lessons, Team Sport and while involved in any other sports (Health & Safety). The PE shorts and top (compulsory) can be purchased from Gillespies Value House. For PE and sports activities students are required to remove ear studs. It is their responsibility to take care of these.

Shoes in the Technology and Science Rooms and when Outdoors:

Only regulation black lace-up shoes can be worn in the Technology and Science Rooms. (No sandals or sports shoes).


  • Earrings may be worn (small plain studs only, with a maximum of one stud per earlobe). No other jewellery
  • Earrings worn must be small and discrete - no sparkly earrings
  • Culturally approved jewellery may only be worn underneath the person’s clothing (ie hidden from view) and must
  • not be worn during PE or Sports sessions
  • Owners must accept the risk of loss or damage of all jewellery at school
  • No Jewellery may be worn during PE or sports lessons


Undergarments worn should not be visible when wearing the Uniform.

Uniform Occasion Requirements:

a) Formal occasions: e.g. representing the school in public
Full dress uniform to be worn as specified above, with knee length socks up and shirts tucked in. This includes during attendance at assemblies, school visits or performances, arriving at or leaving the school grounds.

b) At Intervals and Lunchtime:
All clothing should be tidied before students return to class. Shirts tucked in and socks pulled up.

c) In class:
All students are required to be in correct school uniform during class and at school assemblies. Shoes are to be removed and left tidily on racks in the corridor. Students change into the correct sports gear for classroom PE, team sport or lunchtime sports activities, immediately before each event.

d) Safe Cycling - School Requirements:
All students cycling to or from school must wear a cycle helmet and fluro vest.

The only exceptions to wearing full school Uniform are:
  • After Friday assemblies when students have been dressed up for an item (directions will be given at the end of the assembly)
  • Students going to school practices out of school grounds, or playing a sport at 4pm

Dress Code in School Pool:

All swimwear must be made of swim wear material
Modest one or two piece swim wear
If wearing a two piece - no bikini (bra tops) but instead a crop top can be worn.
Swim Shorts may be worn but should not reach below the knee

All swimwear must be made of swim wear material
Swim shorts - must have inner lining
- should not reach below the knee

No T shirts, boxer shorts or underwear to be worn
The need for guidelines has been brought about by a number of students wearing inappropriate swimming attire in the school pool.

School Code of Appearance:

Students attending this school are not permitted to wear or display the following:
  • T shirts or hats with logos or slogans
  • Clothing that is torn, dirty, or with buttons missing
  • Clothing that is a fashion statement
  • Piercing – no other form other than in the earlobe is permitted (this includes nose, tongue, eye, lip or any other type of body piercing)
  • Make up of any type
  • Nail Polish


  • Boys hair is to be off the face and cut so it is off the shirt collar, and out of the eyes
  • Girls hair is to be off the face and, if long, to be tied back
  • No hair styles that are fashion statements e.g. beaded braids in hair, rats tails, etc
  • The student’s natural hair colour only is permitted (no dyes, highlights, streaks)
  • No Hair gel, wax and similar hair products
  • Only white or navy blue hair ties are to be worn


If there are differences in interpretation, the Principal will make the final decision on an individual basis as to what is permissible or permitted.

All students are required to conform to the prescribed dress code.

Girls’ and Boys’ uniforms are available from Gillespies Value House, 769 Main Street, Palmerston North. Sports Uniforms are available from Academy Apparel Ltd, 703 Main Street, Palmerston North.

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