Enrolments For 2018

The following students have automatic right of entry into Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School:

  • If your child attends one of the above schools and lives in zone they have automatic right of entry.
  • If your child attends a school other than those listed above but lives in zone then they have automatic right of entry into Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School.
  • If you and your child has moved to Palmerston North and lives in our zone.

The following students do not have automatic right of entry and will go into a ballot:

  • If your child attends one of our contributing schools but lives out of our zone.
  • If your child attends a rural or urban school other than those listed above and lives out of our school zone.
  • If you child has moved to Palmerston North and lives out of zone.

Any further information or questions about enrolments is available from our school office, Phone: 3580548; or email: office@pnins.school.nz. School Website: www.pnins.school.nz.

All information has to be put into our computer system which is essential when we begin class placements. We cannot give the same time commitments to class placements for enrolments that come in late.

Enrolments close 25th August 2017

Out of Zone Ballot 7th September 2017

Annulment of Enrolment

The Education Act gives a guarantee of enrolment to students who live in the home zone specified in the school’s enrolment scheme. The board needs to be sure that an in-zone address is genuine, because it is required to manage the enrolment scheme for the benefit of local students. 

The address given at the time of application for enrolment must be the student’s usual place of residence when the school is open for instruction. This means that if you currently live at an in-zone address but move to an out-of-zone address before your child’s first day of attendance at the school, your child will not be entitled to enrol at the school.

The Ministry of Education has advised that parents should also be warned of the possible consequences of  deliberately attempting to gain unfair priority in enrolment by knowingly giving a false address or making an in-zone living arrangement which they intend to be only temporary eg
  • renting accommodation in-zone on a short-term basis;
  • arranging temporary board in-zone with a relative or family friend;
  • using the in-zone address of a relative or friend as an “address of convenience”, with no intention to live there on an ongoing basis.
If the school learns that a student is no longer living at the in-zone address given at the time of application for enrolment and has reasonable grounds to believe that a temporary in-zone residence has been used for the purpose of unfairly gaining priority in enrolment at the school, then the board will review the enrolment. Unless the parents can give a satisfactory explanation within 10 days, the board may annul the enrolment. This course of action is provided for under section 11OA of the Education Act 1989.

Annulment of enrolment

Once attendance has commenced, Section 110 provides for the annulment of enrolment if the board has reasonable grounds for believing that, at the time of application, the parents provided false information or deliberately used a temporary address in an attempt to unfairly gain priority in enrolment. The importance and implications of “reasonable grounds” are explored in some detail in the next section, headed “Temporary residence”.

Reasons for annulment fall into two categories.

Supplying false information

Annulment is via Section 110(1) for the following reasons:

a) although the student had an in-zone address at the time of application, the student had moved to an out of zone address by the time of enrolment (i.e. the first day of attendance); or
b) the student had never lived at the in-zone address given at the time of application;
c) new evidence has come to light which suggests that the student is not, in fact, the sibling of a current or former student.

In these situations, if the board has reasonable grounds for believing that the information given at the time of application was deliberately false, and the parents have been unable to provide a satisfactory explanation, then the board may annul the enrolment.

Use of a temporary residence

Annulment is via Section 110(1A) if the board has received no satisfactory explanation following its decision to review an enrolment.

An enrolment may be reviewed if the board has reasonable grounds to believe that a temporary address was used to unfairly gain priority in enrolment. This matter is covered in detail in the next section, headed “Temporary residence”.

Annulment procedures

The annulment will take effect one month from the date on which the board decided to annul the enrolment.

Immediately after annulling an enrolment, the board must

a) advise the student’s parents, in writing, of the date of the annulment and the date on which it takes effect; and

b) advise the Secretary (by contacting the relevant Ministry office) of the name of the student and the date of the annulment.

If parents continue to dispute the board’s ruling, they should be advised that they can apply to the Secretary for directed enrolment under Section 11P (1).

Absences from School

Parents, and Caregivers, of children absent are asked to ring the school by 9.15am every day your child is absent.

All children must bring a note to their classroom teacher on the child’s return to school. Please use the Student Log Book to communicate absences and reasons for absences. Students who show a pattern of absence or lateness without good reason may be referred to the Truancy service.


The safety and comfort of everyone on the bus is paramount to our school. It is important that students travelling by bus behave appropriately and consider others at all times.

A newsletter detailing ‘Safety of Students on School Buses’ comes home with all bus children early in Term 1. Please sign and return. This details our expectations and procedures for dealing with student misdemeanours. Please check as to whether your child is eligible to receive free bus transport to and from our school. The general rule is that your child must attend the closest school which provides for Year 7 and 8 students and then is eligible for full transport assistance only if living more than 3.2 km from that school and where no public transport is available. All students eligible for travel on a school bus will be allocated a bus pass.

Our School Behaviour Management Expectations apply to students on their way to and from school whether they walk, bike or travel by bus.

Homework Policy

All students of Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, regardless of what they say to the contrary, are expected to do 30 minutes homework Monday - Thursday.

Children will enter their homework tasks in their Log Book each day. Please use this Log Book as a communication book with your child’s teacher.

Where possible, homework should be completed in a quiet area away from the television and other distractions.

International Fee Paying Students

Information for Parents and or their Agents


Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students revised by the Ministry of Education in 2010 and available in full from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at http://www.minedu.govt.nz/goto/international



1. Children will only be enrolled in Year 7 if their age is between 10.08 and 11.8 on the 1st January.

2. Children will only be enrolled in Year 8 if their age is between 11.08 and 12.08 on the 1st January.

3. Prior to enrolment of Fee Paying students the Principal will take into account:
  • the number of ESOL students already at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School.
  • the ‘makeup’ – number of students / ethnic make up / gender make up / balance of Year 7s Year 8s.
  • the student’s academic record from their previous primary school.
  • the student’s behaviour record from their previous primary school.
  • the learning needs of the student.
4. The Principal will only finalise the enrolment of an international fee paying student once all pre-enrolment documentation and all requirements of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (Revised 2010) have been met by the parent, guardian and/or caregiver.

5. Children will preferably begin school at the start of the year or term.

International Student Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are reviewed annually and for 2014 set at $12,000 plus GST ($13,800.00). Fees are payable a semester in advance. Any variation to this is at the discretion of the Principal. The first semester consists of Terms 1 and 2 with the second semester being Terms 3 and 4.

The Tuition Fee includes:
  • All costs for normal school programmes.
  • All transport costs associated with day LEOTC trips, entrance fees for school studies, plus expenses associated with cultural and sporting activities.
  • Text books loaned to the student for the duration of the course.
  • New Zealand Ministry of Education Foreign Fee paying student fee.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School Administration Fee.

  • Entry fees for any external school examination or testing programmes administered by the school.
  • Saturday Morning Music
  • Sports / Cultural activities out of school hours

Progressive downloading of tuition fees will take place, term by term into the Operational Funding of the school. This will equate to approximately 25% each term.


Cyclists are expected to know and follow the ‘Rules of the Road’. By law all cyclists must wear cycle helmets. It is also a school requirement that all cyclists in school uniform must wear a fluorescent cycle vest.

Cycle stands are available in a lock up area and cycles should be locked when put into the cycle lock up area. It is important that all cyclists use this area. Cyclists must walk their bike in the school grounds at all times.

Parent Concerns / Feedback

Parents are welcome at all times to contact the school to arrange an appointment to discuss any matter of concern.

Little concerns are often overcome before they become bigger ones if teachers are informed early. We also welcome positive constructive feedback on all aspects of school learning and operations.

Teachers endeavor to contact parents about student concerns before they develop into major problems. It is our policy to work closely with parents to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit out of their two years at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School.

School Activity Fee

Today your child will bring home an envelope and account detailing the School Stationery, Activity Fee and School Donation for 2013.
The Board of Trustees have set the voluntary family donation at $75 per child and an Activity Fee of $125 per child. In total $200 per child is requested. If paid before the 31 March, 2013, a non-refundable credit of $25 will be allocated to your child’s school account.

Despite what you may read in the media many schools are finding it increasingly difficult to budget within the existing Operations Grants allocated.
The school operation grant must cover all school operations including: support staff salaries, priority maintenance, caretaking and cleaning contracts/ wages, it supplements curriculum delivery, learning support/extension programmes, and consumable associated with curriculum, administration, property, technology, etc.

The payment of your School Donation and Activity Fee enables us to provide the best in resources and equipment possible, to support the quality teaching and learning programmes in our school.

School Hours

Monday to Friday 8.45am to 3.10pm. Children are permitted in the school grounds from 8.15am. All children should be at school no later than 8.35am to allow for preparation for class before the final bell.

Stationery Packs

The school has negotiated with a major school stationery supplier to purchase student stationery packs that will include all stationery items students will need for their studies to start the year.

School Stationery packs will be distributed to students on the first day of the school year. Prompt payment for these items will be appreciated.


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