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There are four dimensions to learning at PNINS – Academic, Citizenship, Performing Arts and Sports.

Citizenship education is embedded in the principles, values and the key competencies of ‘participating and contributing’ and ‘community and participation’, which are all part of ‘The New Zealand Curriculum.’

Citizenship is not taught as a separate subject, but is integrated into several curriculum areas, with social sciences being the key learning area. The focus here is how people can participate in the world as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens.

Young people also develop understandings about their roles as citizens through a number of activities and experiences that take place in and outside the classroom or school.

At PNINS, citizenship is more than this. It’s about the ‘Intermediate Normal Way’, namely pride in -self and school; doing what is right; looking out for each other; not bowing to peer pressure; mastery of the 5 Keys to School Success, wearing the school uniform correctly; being a responsible and caring citizen of the school and local community.

The Citizenship Blue Badge /Star Incentive Awards recognise student achievement in the citizenship dimension at PNINS.

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