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Steps to enrol at PNINS

Step one - Read each of the below policies. 

Step two - Fill in the below form and press submit at the bottom of the form. (if the form does not submit please check you have filled in all boxes)  

Step three - You will receive a confirmation email with an attached address from. 

Please ether

  • fill in the attached from and return it to your school or the PNINS Office
  • Reply to the email with an attached home electricity statement. 




Declaration of in-zone address

Administering Medication at school

Education Outside the Classroom

Sports code of conduct

Photos and Media

Bring you own device and students on line

Student Details
Gender *
Current Year Level *
NZ Residency Details
Does your child have NZ Residency? *
Ethnic Identity
Enrolment Scheme Details
Brother / Sister Attending PNINS in 2019 *
Brother / Sister has attended PNINS prior to 2019 *
Name of Brother / Sister that has attended PNINS
Name of Brother / Sister that has attended PNINS
Primary Carer
In an Emergency this person will be the first person PNINS will call.
Primary Carer - Name *
Primary Carer - Name