The safety and comfort of everyone on the bus is paramount to our school. It is very important that students travelling by bus behave appropriately and consider others at all times.

All students eligible for travel on a school bus will be allocated a bus pass.

The general rule is that your child must attend the closest school with Year 7 and 8 teaching facilities. If your child lives more than 3.2 km from school, and no alternative public transport is available, they may then be eligible for full transport assistance. 

Our School Behaviour Management Expectations apply to students on their way to and from school whether they walk, bike or travel by bus.

If you would like to travel by bus to school, please read the Safety of students on school buses and fill in the Application form below.

If the student travels the full distance from home to school by private vehicle, or travels more than 2.4km to the school bus stop, he/she may be eligible for a conveyance allowance.

To determine whether your child is eligible for the transport conveyance allowance please complete the following form