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Behaviour Management Plan


The school-wide Behaviour Management Plan works to provide a consistent ‘whole school community’ approach to managing student behaviour. Our aim is to ensure everyone can work and play in a positive, safe, and happy school environment.

The plan clearly defines expectations and codes of behaviour. This enables all students to know exactly what is expected of them, and what behaviour will not be tolerated.

The expectations, as stated, require students to be good citizens. As good citizens, they will find ‘The Intermediate Normal Way’ easy to embody.

Our Behaviour Management Plan is based on RESPECT

  • Respect for ourselves
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for property
  • Every student has the right to enjoy our school, to feel safe and secure without the threat of being bullied, put down, name called or teased by others
  • Every student has the right to learn in class without disruption
  • Every teacher has the right to enjoy their teaching without disruption or disobedience

Intermediate Normal Way


Everyone has the right to learn in a safe, supportive, and attractive environment. At PNINS, we respect these rights, and show respect to ourselves by; 

  • being honest and fair
  • following directions the first time they are given
  • being in the correct place at the correct time with the correct equipment
  • wearing our uniform correctly

We show respect to others by;

  • respecting the rights of others to feel safe and supported
  • allowing others to learn uninterrupted
  • allowing others to make the most of opportunities
  • using manners

We respect property by;

  • looking after our own belongings
  • respecting others’ property
  • respecting the school’s property
  • respecting the environment

We think before we act, we consider others.


Rewards For Good Behaviour


The school regularly acknowledges the many students who, through work and play, model high standards of behaviour. We recognise and celebrate those who strive for success, and who embody ‘The Intermediate Normal Way’.

We believe that positive recognition and acknowledgement are the keys to an effective behaviour management plan.

As a school we achieve this in a variety of ways:

  • Valuable Person Awards (VP Awards) - awarded by teachers on the spot
  • Valuable Person Awards - school-wide draw every Monday morning at assembly
  • Notes in Log Book to parents
  • Phone calls to parents
  • Teacher individual class certificates / stickers etc.
  • Specific written feedback
  • Verbal praise and recognition

Our Part


  • To promote a clear expectation of what is acceptable behaviour at PNINS
  • To maintain a fair and consistent approach to school discipline
  • To promote a climate of responsibility and self discipline


  • High expectations of attitude and performance
  • A co-operative consultative attitude
  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Consistency
  • Promote and explain ‘The Intermediate Normal Way’
  • Recognise and acknowledge good citizenship


  • Awareness and understanding of the school expectations - ‘The Intermediate Normal Way’
  • Respect for self, others and property
  • Good citizenship
  • Pride in work, class, school, uniform, and in representing PNINS


  • Have discussions with your child about ‘The Intermediate Normal Way’, and what it means to be a good citizen
  • Seek clarification from your child’s teacher or senior management re any concerns regarding your child’s attitude / behaviour
  • Discuss with your child appropriate ways to respond if their rights are infringed
  • Recognise and affirm your child’s positive qualities by valuing them for who they are